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21 Of 32 Winners Of Miss Thailand Since 1987 Are Either Daughters Of White Guys Or Wives Of White Guys


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She is only Thai by nationality, presuming she was registered as one at birth, and lives in Sweden. Ethnically, she's Swedish and Chinese. She doesn't even look Thai, which is what beauty contest judges here seem to go by. If a woman looks like a Thai, she'll never become Miss Thailand these day.





p.s. My wife's oldest sister was Miss Lampang back in the 1970s and as such competed for the Miss Thailand title. She was petite, pretty, very white, and had big norks. But she doesn't look the least bit Farang and wouldn't stand a chance today. The Thai judges only go for tall, Farang-looking women ... and a Eurasian if they can possibly find one. It's sort of a racial self-hatred. :confused:

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