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Cheap Smart Phone For Emergency Back Up

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I have a Samsung smart phone. An unspectacular model that does everything I need, especially serves as Wifi hotspot for my laptops, and runs Skype and email for business, Line for fun. A lot more but space is limited.


Last night a Thai lady who dropped her phone off of a taxi (song taeaow) said she would get one very cheap at 7/11. She said the larger one they sell is around 1,000 baht.


Anyone know anything about that?


Or a better option??



Gaw Guy

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Sounds like my daughter's Apple! Replaced three times in a year!


No one makes a perfect phone, but if you want cheap there are options.


One of my daughters, kept her iPhone, in her rear jeans pocket and would happily sit on it. After the 4th smashed screen and my explanation of how it got that way, I said, OK, you pay for it. Then I got her a pink Samsung folding phone, to replace the now destroyed iPhone. She also couldn't fathom how the speakers on the iPhone were always blown and continues to this day, to use a phone as a boom box for hippiddy hoppiddy.

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Yes, they have very cheap phones at the 7-11. Wanted to get the 199 baht 3G one to leave in the car as the emergency, can still use chat applications if need be.

The catch?? It's the packaged SIM card fees, tied to one phone company.

So the old Samsung Hero 2G stays in the car. It still works, about two weeks standby, just that you get reminder SMSs telling you to change your phone to take advantage of the 3G SIM card installed. Think not.

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Bought a Lava Iris 820 2,640 baht (80 USD) at AIS shop. Have had a Samsung Grand Prime 2.5 yr, 8,500 baht ($260).


Not knowing much about how these things go, I was thinking the Lava wouldn't be up to standard at all, but I was wrong. Almost identical specs, the Lava processor is slightly faster. Screen size the same. Memory and storage the same. Lava is thinner and lighter and gets apps going faster. It may be because the phone is new and not clogged up yet. It's running Android 6.0 (the Sumsung only upgraded to 5.0.2).


There was a little negative feedback about a Lava failing after a year and it's obvious it is all plastic, cheap construction. If that doesn't happen, this would be quite a good deal.

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