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It seems that the latest profession to aspired to for kids is to be a "YouTuber" - and hopefully a successful one.


My eldest is now wanting to host his own YT show.


So of course, his discussion with dear old dad is - show me how to do.


Well, I must have missed the class on video editing, and have no known competencies in such areas - so have no idea where to begin.


Getting the software is not the problem, although I'm not so keen on letting him on to the Imac's iMovie stage, but how to either quickly learn the trade, or even better yet - pay someone to teach him how to do?


Any places to look?

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It's a huge field these days, but like aspiring premier league footballers its a very small fraction who actually achieve. Still, that's what dreams are about. Software is all over the place, from free online offerings to multi mega buck professional grade. What's wrong with iMovie as a starter package, it comes free with a Mac, others, Avidemux, ZS4, Open Shot etc. Although I have posted a couple of Youtube videos to a personal channel I've never done more than use an iPhone and upload them direct, unedited. Whilst they are very niche I have about 3 subscribers and about 400 views. Over a couple of years.


Tutorials on video editing are everywhere on the web so you can pretty quickly get up to at least a decent walking pace and then go from there.


One thing I would encourage at every step, especially if there will be a lot of speech is script script script and edit edit edit. Some of the very worst tendencies that seem to affect a huge amount of YouTube output is the massive prevarication and the enormous amount of uhm-ing and ah-ing that goes on. Either that or its just mind numbingly boring to watch even if it's something you are interested in.


Monetization is a lot harder than many think. As of now I think YouTube wants 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours per year of watch time to join the partner program.

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What Radioman said.


iMovie is solid.


I speak as one who taught myself Final Cut Pro/X and made a Docco on Cambo, I had it screen on local TV, before Youtube was popular at all.


My questions derive from when my daughter with the fat arse decided she was gonna be the next stellar supermodel/singer/actor, again, before the Kardashians/youtube etc, as radioman says millions wanna achieve the heights, one or two succeed.


Question 1, does the lad want to film it on his iPhone and press two buttons to have it on his youtube channel with minimal effort? If so there are many, many, youtuberies showing how this is done.


Question 2, does he have the smarts and the dedication to put in some hours, learning things like 'roll edit' and so on, if so, Final Cut is the answer, it also has the ability to publish straight to a youtubery. But it's a learning curve and as Radioman says - script script script and edit edit edit. On the plus side, being skilled with Final Cut is a marketable skill, for a young'un and many, youtuberies showing how this is done.

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Tell the soft cunt to stop dreaming and do an honest days work, these “soft snowflakesâ€expecting riches without putting the effort in. If this was my kid he would get a clip around the ear and a boot up the arse, just as my Father gave me, grow up son and stop dreaming.


I am surprised you have even entertained this idea, Snowfakes opion of just comes from bad parenting and you are just as guilty by entertaining the fact.


Tell him to get qualifications, get a job, and make a career before becoming a YouTube as an option. Coz not many make it so then what?


I am so happy that I did not breed, if I had a 20something now he/she would probably have been murdered, the ethic of “Roll ones Sleeves up and get ya hands dirtyâ€seems to have bypassed this generation.

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Thanks everyone.


Ok, will reply to a few items all here.


a. The little guy is only 9 - so will indulge him a bit before calling him a snowflake just yet (and actually I don't know how that term has been labeled to either the Left or Millenniums).


b. Don't really want him on my iMac - just got it and even if the software (iMovie) is good - would prefer him working on the older Windows computers.


c. He can already upload directly from tablet to YT, so this exercise is to learn how to actually edit videos and add effects.


d. I really have no interest in learning this skill myself, so some self help videos would be a start - but a more detailed course/tutor is what I would prefer.


e. No interest to make money from it - just a hobby to spend his time instead of spending every waking minute playing Roblox or similar games.


f. And yes, scripting and editing is the point of the exercise.



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Okay, so more info. It seems a reasonable idea. Possibly a good outlet for a youngster to get into. If he has talent and it develops this could turn out to be a worthwhile option. A friends son who is a graphic designer makes serious money, 6 figures plus and the first is not a 1. All for drawing nice pictures that turn into, video games. It's a hard slog, no free lunch, but if you have the talent thars money to be made. Getting on the right path could go in a lot of very productive directions and if the idea of YT is as a tool rather than some misguided idea that its a sensible career choice then great.


Windows Movie Maker is free. Plenty of online options again and for other than the committed over the top video freak I cannot imagine Windows is going to be a problem.

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""b. Don't really want him on my iMac - just got it and even if the software (iMovie) is good - would prefer him working on the older Windows computers.""


Do you know that you can set up another account for him to sign in to that's separate to your account? Then he can utilise the abilities of the Mac. Video is really better on the Mac.


System preferences/Users and Groups/


I have several accounts on my computer to keep my variousness separate, 1 for day to day use that's me, 1 for Final Cut work, 1 for Audio (Reason 8.0), 1 for writing and 1 for my wife's devices.


Also it's worth noting that video, in a serious manner, will take up vast amounts of HDD space, what ever machine is used, Gigabytes are needed for 1080p, and now a lot of online stuff is moving to 2K and 4k. A good idea is to have reliable external HDD storage for back up and to free up space on the main machine. And back ups....


I lost about 300 hours of footage I'd filmed of the Mekong in Cambo, Thailand and Laos, because I was using cheap Chinese external USB enclosures at the time. That was to be the basis of my second Docco. C'est la vie



maybe too much information....

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