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Over to out man on the ground, Bubi and he doesn't need a ladder...

Please provide the real story....




Arab clans dominate Berlin: Twenty families rule large parts of Germany’s capital


According to police estimates, close to 20 large Arab family clans live in Berlin. They each have up to 500 members. Twelve clans are causing serious problems for the police as they repeatedly commit organised crimes, Berliner Zeitung reports.

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According to police estimates, close to 20 large Arab family clans live in Berlin. They each have up to 500 members.


Meaning at least 20 mothers with 488 children each. #cruel . And crooked Merkel plays golf in the country club while Germany beats one export record after the other.


No good. Where is Bannon?

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Where is Bubi?




Coming here.


There are 3 migrant based general pests around:


1) So called refugees from North Africa like Tunisia,Algeria, Libya. It has taken years to declare these countries as "safe" so that at least the criminal ones could theoretically be sent back. Currently the otherwise respectable Green Party might stop the process and I hope people make them pay for it.


2) Pest No 2 are the big Arab family clans that make Cavanami such a big headache these days. They came here in the 80-s from lebanon, were not allowed to work and went into criminality. National headquarters is the city of Berlin which has been suffering from a completely useless regional governmant over a very long time which is also unable to open a brand new airport. A miracle happened a week ago when the authorities finally seized

property and assets of the Arabs. I am extremely delighted and still cannot fully believe it.


3) Pest No 3 are the gipsies from Romania and Bulgaria. My time is not sufficient to describe the good work they please the Federal Republic with. One is robbing older people by clever scams and all of them exploit our generous social system. They are EU citizens and there is not much you can do about it.


Cavanami now thinks he has his idea confirmed that Germany is a hellhole and Empress Merkel should be blamed for it. The truth is that all the refugees have been absorbed somehow, make trouble here and there but in the end people still are ok with it. The right wing guys have about 15 % of all voters but there are the other 85 % . Having Trump in charge to me sounds more like the final armageddon and I would not exchange him for all the refugees.


This is a well balanced BuBi post based on biased fake information of all kind.

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