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Thai Immigration / Corona virus


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4 hours ago, radioman said:

Thai postal service began disinfecting all packages received from overseas

Of course, so after opening them, taking what they fancy and repackaging them, the package will now be given a cursory spray of disinfectant. You know the kind of disinfectant that dissolves valuables.

4 hours ago, radioman said:

"Thais and foreigners who came from these places will have to go through self-quarantine for 14 days at home or in a hotel room,

Coming for a week of holiday and shopping? make that 14 days, on day 13 we'll reassess you and see you're running a temperature, 14 more days, the hotel industry will be pleased...

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It seems the instructions or recommendations or absolute inviolate instructions are still a complete mess here in Thailand. This last 7 days was a mix for me of UK, Qatar, Hong Kong and Thailand. I have had no symptoms and still do not. Even if I wanted to report my condition to anyone I would not know how to go about it, no information available on that. If they activate a hotline, website, email address within the 14 days I could do so, but I think its not particularly likely any one will, and even if they do it will not work, be overloaded or in some other way irrelevant.

I'm almost in the Trump camp on this one, at least I have a certain fatalistic attitude toward it. Understanding the various influenza types gives you a bit of perspective I think.

It seems that though this influenza type has a higher mortality rate than the typical type A influenza treatment is both reasonable and practical with the exception of a lack of inoculation opportunity (so far). I also perceive that the chance of becoming infected with this particular strain of the influenza virus is far less than might be the case for other types. After almost 23 years here I don't recall a flu problem ever. By comparison in the UK it's almost an annual activity. Seems as if maybe the same is true of the US.

Easy reading without too many big words



It is also interesting to note that this particular influenza epidemic is actually SARS, with some (significant?) variations. Online information suggests that the names used to identify this particular strain have avoided referring to SARS "in order to avoid panic". Seems that might not have worked out as planned.

The low rate of infection in Thailand seems odd, relative to other countries and suggests one of two things. Either the virus significantly dissipates in this environment, combination of heat, pollution, somtam, etc or testing for this particular strain of virus is either minimal or ineffective.

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15 hours ago, radioman said:

or testing for this particular strain of virus is either minimal or ineffective.

I would suggest that the majority of testing for this in Thailand and other similar countries, is the test for someone's forehead having a temperature, in a specified range.

the Mayo clinic reckons that apparently, these are causes of having a hot forehead ::

  • A virus
  • A bacterial infection
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Certain inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis — inflammation of the lining of your joints (synovium)
  • A malignant tumor
  • Some medications, such as antibiotics and drugs used to treat high blood pressure or seizures
  • Some immunizations, such as the diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) or pneumococcal vaccine

To which I'll add horniness, Durian and Whiskey, etc

i.e. "She's a hot one, put that man down..."

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What better way to reduce the number of infected people than to limit real testing. The UK has reported a few hundred cases, far more than Thailand, but they have also reported that this is from testing some 20,000 people. In Thailand the number of people tested is ...?


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Just on Monday Morning's news here, items like, Italy travel restricting whole cities, Iran losing members of government to the virus and death toll rising generally....

The number of deaths (reported) in real terms, is prolly not so big, as to be very frightened, but the potential, seems not to be diminishing, and indeed is blossoming into a real big monster...



disclaimer: this is not the Covid Virus it's just a indicative photo of (filamentous-virus-particles-scanning-electron-micrograph-cell) a virus I found.



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