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I couldn't find a current thread dealing with visa policy of the those that govern in LOS.


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April 2, 2020 2:50 pm
A sign posted at the Immigration Bureau’s main office inside the Government Complex in Chaengwattana telling visitors to be patient. Photo: @CKucway / Twitter A sign posted at the Immigration Bureau’s main office inside the Government Complex in Chaengwattana telling visitors to be patient. Photo: @CKucway / Twitter
BANGKOK — Nine separate documents are now required for foreigners stranded in Thailand to extend their stay for up to 30 days, the immigration said Thursday.

Immigration spokesman Phakkhaphong Saiubon defended the inconvenience on the grounds of “national security.” New requirements include land deeds, rent contracts, and even selfies of foreigners with their accommodations, even as scenes of disarray and massive queues at immigration continue unabated.

“Indeed, we are requiring more documents than usual because there are those who want to exploit the opportunity,” Col. Phakkhaphong said. “We are doing our best to provide the best service, but bearing in mind that national security is our utmost priority.”

The new regulation was brought to public attention in a photo posted yesterday by travel blogger and longtime British expat Richard Barrow.


Will this madness ever end? We are in the middle of a global pandemic and the Immigration bureau are still insisting for stranded foreign tourists and expats to jump through hoops to extend their stay. This is the latest list released by Trat Immigration. Look at No. 10 #Thailand

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Apart from the usual TM7 application, copies of their passport, and applicant’s photos, the new rule requires a certificate from their respective embassies, a copy of rent contract, document confirming their stay at the accommodation, a copy of landlord’s ID card and house registration, and a map showing the location of their residence.

The landlord is required to accompany the applicant in person when submitting the documents. The applicant must also take at least four photos with their accomodation to prove their residency.

The spokesman said these new regulations are issued in accordance with the immigration protocols.

Speaking by phone, Col. Phakkhaphong also shot down news reports that the Cabinet has approved automatic visa extensions for foreign tourists.

In fact, the matter “is still being deliberated,” the colonel said.

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Automatic visa extensions for tourists in Thailand “just a matter of time” - details being ironed out: govt spokesman


The Thai government is continuing to iron out the details of a proposed new policy that would allow tourists left stranded in Thailand to be granted automatic visa renewals.

Speaking to Thai PBS on Friday evening (3 April), deputy ministry spokesman Natapanu Nopakun provided an update on the proposal to grant automatic visa extensions to foreign tourists stranded in Thailand due COVID-19.

He said the government understands the situation and that granting foreigners automatic visa extensions is “in the pipeline”.

Mr Natapanu said the details are “being ironed out” and “frankly, this is on the agenda”.

Mr Natapanu added that the prime minister is aware of the situation but it may take a little time before the policy is implemented.

The proposal to grant automatic visa extensions to foreign tourists came in response to thousands of foreigners forming lengthy queues at immigration offices throughout Thailand in a desperate attempt to renew their visas.

While other countries had waived visa requirements for foreigners left stranded due to COVID-19, Thailand said foreigners had to renew their visas at their nearest immigration office but only after insisting those affected obtain a letter from their embassy. 

But it wasn’t just the embassy letter that was needed for people to renew their visas.

Popular Thailand based blogger Richard Barrow recently tweeted that a total of nine separate documents were requested at one immigration office, as well as the “interrogation” of the visa holder’s landlord. 

There have also been similar reports from people posting on Thaivisa of immigration offices still demanding housebooks, copies of ID documents from landlords and even a map.

On Friday, Cambodia announced it would grant automatic visa extensions for tourists stranded due to COVID-19.

THai Visa https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1157672-automatic-visa-extensions-for-tourists-in-thailand-“just-a-matter-of-time”-details-being-ironed-out-govt-spokesman/?utm_source=newsletter-20200404-1258&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news


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