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A video look around Pattaya on the first night of a return to 11:00 PM closing for alcohol serving venues


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Pattaya's nightlife is gradually coming back.
There are quite a few male tourists present - mainly of retirement age - and the number of girls streaming in seems to be increasing.
There are a number of video bloggers who are now on the scene in January 22 and are constantly reporting on the state of the scene in the form of videos.
In the last few days I have seen several videos on Youtube that make me optimistic.
My assessment:
Pattaya is slowly coming back; is on the way to normality; slowly, slowly.
The gradual resurgence of the nightlife scene in Pattaya makes me optimistic and confident.

More and more girls seem to be flocking in too. After two years of almost no earnings, their wallets and bank accounts look bad ....


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19 hours ago, Mekong said:

I very much doubt what you are seeing is tourists since Test & Go is suspended and Pattaya is not part of any Sandbox.

The reason many “tourist” look retirement age is because in fact they are Pattaya retirees.

I watched several videos on youtube that were released in the last few days Jan 24 to 28).
In fact, the farlangs who are seen in the videos or come into the picture briefly are 90% aged 60-plus and 70-plus, like me.
Only one video from Soi 6 featured 4 or 5 younger white western men; aged mid-30s to mid-40s.
In fact, even now - mid/end of January 22 - the influx of tourists to Pattaya seems to be very moderate.
Many potential holidaymakers are probably deterred by the ever-changing entry requirements. They prefer to wait.


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The fact that so few middle-aged tourists - i.e. the very active male tourists - are in Pattaya or have come in the month of January is probably the reason why so many bars in the relevant sois remain closed, e.g. Soi 6, Soi 7 / 8, Soi New Plaza, the Buakhao area, Lk Metro, etc.
It is also interesting that there are no Asian tourists there either; none can be seen on the many videos; and if there are, then only sporadically.

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14 hours ago, Mekong said:

Who is the stupid narrator there is no such thing as 11 o’Clock PM it is either 11 o’Clock in the evening or 11 PM, some people really need to learn English. Some things drive me mad.

Even American Websites agree with me.

I hear you man. That shit really gets to me. Then there are people who refer to the personal number they use with their debit and credit cards as a "PIN number" 😡

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There are many redundant acronyms 

ATM Machine

ISBN Number

VIN Number

EPL League

LCD Display

TCP/IP Protocol

PDF Format

VIP Person

HIV Virus

OPEC Countries

DC Comics

and the classic

Please RSVP

It is official, we are now grumpy old men.  …   Fucking great init!

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