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Diary - Logbook - very personal


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For better understanding, a short note on the mass media situation and the influence and shaping of opinions in Germany.

For the past 15 to 18 years, left-green-woke topics and views have formed the mainstream of our mass media (print media as well as radio and television) in Germany.
This left-green-woke journalism dominates 80% of the reporting and thus also the formation of opinion on central political issues and social developments.
This does not only concern news, political talk shows or political reporting, but goes deep into cultural-relational reporting, even into TV crime dramas.

left-green-woke shit reigns!

on the war in the Middle East after the invasion of Israel and the Hamas massacres of Israelis.

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Part 1:
This inflammatory and anti-Israeli reporting by most of the journalistic mainstream, which has spread and taken root in the public broadcasters (e.g. Arte-Journal, 3Sat-Kulturzeit) and has virtually become the norm, raises questions.

I do not call this disgusting opinion-making in our German Mass media anti-Semitism, but anti-Israelism.

So why this astonishing anti-Israelism in the left-green intellectual milieu?

A brief comparison between Israel and the surrounding Mohammedan states:
On the one hand, small Israel, economically, scientifically-technically, culturally and militarily vastly superior to the surrounding Mohammedan states. It is a functioning democracy according to the Western model. The rule of law and legal security apply, and there is a prosperous, efficient economy with an acceptable level of prosperity. This is how I know Israel from newspaper articles and media reports. Yet Israel spends about 25% of its GDP on national defence. We in Germany don't even manage 2 %.

On the other hand, there is the Islamic cultural area, which has produced political systems, economies and ways of life characterised by oppression and coercion, intolerance and lack of freedom, by intellectual desolation and economic poverty and wretchedness. From Morocco to Egypt, from Turkey to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia, there is only backwardness, poverty and, in some cases, misery.
The Islamic states have nothing to be proud of in the international competition between nations, economies and cultures. They have nothing to show for their achievements but poverty, backwardness and hopeless inferiority.

Looking at the pyramids and the gold shrines of their pharaohs, the Egyptians should realise that they have passed themselves through: From the very top to the very bottom.

So much for my stocktaking.


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Part 2:
Where from and why this hatred, this resentment of a successful society, of a people that always stands its ground in a hostile environment?
The left-green milieu deeply hates any form of "being better", of "being superior".
All forms of differences between people, groups of people or nations are linguistically and socially constructed and do not exist in reality. All people are equal, all cultures are of equal value. If there are nevertheless serious differences, this is justified with a rather one-sided attribution of blame to the culture and history of the West: imperialism, colonialism, racism, oppression, exploitation.
In the case of clear differences within a society, it is allegedly systematic social disadvantages. The unsuccessful or clearly less successful group is always blameless. The blame always falls on the better, more successful, more capable.
In our case, our own German culture and its strengths are criticised, even downright put down.
This left-green-woke concept of culture no longer contains any normativity. Self-denial, even pathological self-flagellation and cultural relativism lead to abysmal hatred of one's own society, which is still extremely successful at the moment.
Hence this anti-Israelism in the left-green intellectual milieu. Israel is proving to be the most modern, successful, creative and innovative society in the entire Arab world. At the same time, it is the most endangered, and I think this endangerment has increased rather than decreased. Again and again, and in every respect, Israel proves to be the superior nation to its hostile Muslim neighbours.
Hence the hatred, the anti-Israelism in the left-green intellectual milieu.

Live from Buxtetown on the Esteriver - 14 October 2023 - 6.55 p.m. local time

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I would strongly recommend Mr Nasiadai to better come back on his earlier proudly published activities of squeezing " boobies " of overaged barworkers in Pattaya.

As far as it concerns his recent rants about green-leftwing-etc tendencies focussing on anti-semitism in Germany I may remind the bord that he recently outed himself as member of the far right party AFD, a tendentiously  anti-semitic outfit according to numerous studies.

Finally, what does this rubbish have to do with trip reports?

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