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The information and Communications technology Ministry has hired 59 students to screen inappropriate web sites over the summer.




The cyber inspector team has already filtered 1387 web sites during the past four months, however there were too many inappropriate web sites and the team needed assistance from volunteers.




The 59 students are aged between 13 and 25, 11 living upcountry. The students will be required to find the addresses of sites deemed pronographic, gambling-related, those that defame the Royal family, spam mail sites or websites that might impact national security.




Each student will get 4000 bahts for their work, 




Dhanchanok Deschart said he joined the project to help build a clean web site environment for youths: "there is too much inappropriate content on the internet today, many students know about these sites so I want to work on the project in order to helo shape up our society".




Other who want to help add web sites to the goverment black list can do so by sending the address to the ICT Ministry at www......., the Royal Thai Police department at www.....and CAT telecom at www.....

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