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  1. I know and have met the guy. He is not a troll.
  2. I was in Khon Kaen recently. Not sure the best places to stay but the nightlife is pretty good and here is a report from a visit I made up there several weeks back: http://www.stickmanweekly.com/StickmanBangkokWeeklyColumn2010/KhonKaen.htm
  3. I have more British friends than American. This crap does happen - no need to suggest I have a problem with Brits. What a weird conclusion to reach!
  4. This guy is fxxxed. Unlike Savage he merely spoke words, this guy was caught in the act on tape. He is fxxxed!
  5. Here is a crop of him from the original photo I ran in the column. Looking at his tattoos in this photo and in the YouTube video I am convinced it is the same guy. He is a f&*%ing moron saying in that interview that it will all start again in 2 months. Those words alone must have signed his arrest warrant.
  6. It was my favourite mall in Bangkok by a long way. Wide walk ways, heaps of shopping variety, heaps of places to eat. It was not really high-end like say Paragon or Gaysorn.
  7. While you were reading about him in The Times, I was reading about him in The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2981264/Find-Brit-thug-of-bloody-Bangkok.html
  8. Yep, he has even made The Times in the UK! http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/asia/article7132393.ece
  9. Remember the Australian plonker who got up on stage with the red shirts a week or two back and made an ass of himself? At the time I said that the tosser of the year award for 2010 could be handed out in May. I was wrong. Well, actually, I was right. It can be handed out in May....but to a different guy! Check out this video which I bet will make the fellow concerned cringe given what has happened since... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3YqrqhMvco
  10. could be the red herring faction Watch some of the videos on YouTube of Central World burning. Red shirts are throwing rocks and fueling the fire. In one video when the flames get big the camera pans around and there are heaps of women and oldies clapping and celebrating at the mall's destruction. It's the behaviour of barbarians.
  11. Aw, I'll take 50% of the blame....but put the other 50% on your shoulders - cos you were there with me - and I got the photos to prove it!
  12. *If* one stays away from the red zone and from downtown Bangkok, odds are there will be no issue of danger, more of disruptions. Disruptions are a nuisance, but not uncommon in Bangkok. If I felt my personal safety was at risk, I would leave. But I don't think it will come to that.
  13. The BBC reported that a Reuters correspondent reports that 3 foreign journalists have been shot in this morning's fracas, one killed. Could it be that the red shirts are actually targeting foreign journalists on D Day? I'd love to go down to photograph things but for sure, it's bloody dangerous and if on top of that foreigners might be targeted, well, forget it! Just seems a little suspicious that 3 *foreign* journalists were shot...
  14. Option 3 for sure....and they should have done it before now, I reckon... I don't think it helped to let the reds become so entrenched, but then there may be reasons they waited which we wouldn't know about / understand.
  15. From all accounts, Dan Rivers is a personable enough fellow. I don't know why, but I get peeved when people who almost certainly do not know him blame any issues on the guy's ego. OK, so I don't know the guy personally, but a couple of mutual friends who do say positive things about him. I think part of the problem of his reporting last weekend may have been that his new security detail had not yet arrived from the Middle East. On Sunday night he appeared very nervous when broadcasting from his apartment. That might be why things were off for a day or two.
  16. There are road blocks on Sukhumvit soi 3 where decent searches are made of the vehicle - not sure the temporary residents would like to see such efficiency in their back yard.
  17. The bars in Nana Plaza will try to open tonight. Some opened last night but they all closed before night's end, the last turning off the lights at midnight. Cowboy is still fine with all bars open. Patpong has most bars closed, just 3 or 4 were open 2 nights ago - not sure what the story was last night or will be tonight.
  18. Umm, try and tell that to anyone in the tourism industry in Cambodia! Bangkok is the bug through which many visitors to Cambodia go and troubles in Thailand can mean a large drop in visitors to Cambodia - which is exactly what is happening. A mate of mine runs a guesthouse in Siem Reap and he his numbers are way down.
  19. Stickman

    How's Your Area?

    In the Naratiwat Road area it is quieter than usual with less traffic and less people out and about. Some of the motorcycle taxi guys have their red paraphenalia close at hand but apart from that you would not know anything was going on.
  20. Isn't there some strange policy here whereby if you are a serving policeman or soldier and you die then you get promoted a number of ranks posthumously? My understanding is that it increases the pension payments made to family, amongst who knows what other benefits.
  21. Just spoke to a trusted friend in Suk soi 4 and he said there are 100s of troops there now and many bars that were open, like the Hilary bars, are closing.
  22. Nick's posts are always dramatic and his latest is no exception. I like Nick a lot and while we get on well, we really cannot talk about politics. He's pretty much pro-red...and the same cannot be said for me. The last time we met up was a few months back and I had to keep steering the conversation away from the protests. I too am surprised he has not talked about how such anarchistic actions can be justified...
  23. I'd put it down to bad English and editing.
  24. This absolutely had to happen! Flash, can you imagine 5,000 Triam Udom students making their way through all of the crap to get to their school, or the 1,500 or 2,000 little princesses at Matadei being forced to pass all the nonsense to get into their hallowed grounds opposite Centrun Childom?!
  25. OK, here's the report from Nana and a few photos of what's happening: http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/BangkokRedShirtProtest/Bangkok-Red-Shirt-Protest15.htm
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