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  1. He used to get some stick about his posts maybe because they were so un " PC ".....Always a good read though,he told it how it was,from his own perspective and didn`t worry too much about others reaction
  2. Are Nuns allowed on the beach ,or would they have to remove their habits ?
  3. Ai Hea .....when the room starts to spin its definitely time to stop drinking.
  4. Tip on how to dispose of surplus 1 bt coins....arrange into stacks of ten and clear tape them together....simple
  5. I think you would be best heading for Trat which is the largest town near Koh Chang.From their,you can hire a sorngtau to the ferry point at Laem Ngop.
  6. Dexi

    More Carnage

    I think France has the largest muslim population in the Eurozone,so even if only 0.001 % are extremists that still a problem.
  7. Probably working in the high-end clubs/Karaoke bars that cater to Thais.not the bar scene that most of us are familiar with.Claims of 1/2 mill. per month are probably exagerated to gain face.As we all know,the attitude to ` working ` girls dpends on how much they earn - @ 500 bt a time they are looked down on,increase that to 5 k and its more like sneaking admiration
  8. Dexi

    Which Way Is Up?

    The first one just looks right....also,if you look at the car,in the second version the reflection appears brighter than the real object.Can`t see why that should be correct.
  9. Wow,what a mess ! Uk out of the EU,Cameron gone and maybe Corbyn to follow,Scotland shortly to leave the UK,the £ plunging and the FTSE in free-fall - whoever said a week in politics was a long time was absolutely right However,as another member pointed out,all these things were entirely predictable.What are the chances though,that after all this upheaval,in a couple of years time things might be almost back to where they were in the first place ie. negotiations resulting in some kind of access to the free market in return for cash and some agreement on free movement of people.
  10. Probably a sign that markets are seizing onto any new piece of news that might indicate which way the vote might go.Can`t see it making any difference. After several weeks of non-stop news and campaining ,I think most people have made their minds up already.The bookies are now saying c.30 % chance of Brexit .If it does happen It should be good for $/£ and $/euro.I reduced on UK small and mid-cap months ago,so touch wood it wont affect me too much.FTSE large cap is more interesting,with more overseas earnings they are naturally hedged against any fall in Sterling which will probably be the biggest result of Brexit.
  11. Britain has had economic problems for many years,going right back to the impact of the first and second world wars,plus the decline of heavy industry in the 70s and 80s.We have a big balance of payments deficit and massive govt. debt plus an ongoing budget deficit which the present elected lot promised they would reduce but have hardly made any progress on .But all this is really beside the point.The real argument is this ; Do we want control of our own country back or to become merged into a giant Euro Superstate ruled over by an unelected elite ?
  12. At the moment the polls are giving the " Outers " a slight lead over the " Remainians " ( as Farage likes to call them ).Financial markets ,on the other hand still think a Brexit vote is unlikely,so expect the £ to fall more if we stick two fingers up to the EU and leave.As you say,anyone with overseas earnings ( particularly $ ) and spending in £ has done OK out of this.Hard to say what the effect will be if the UK leaves.It may start a process of upheaval in the rest of the EU where there is popular discontent in many countries fuelled by the EU s shambolic response to the migrant/refugee crisis.
  13. A Mor Lam singer,I think.Been around for quite a few years now.Not really to my taste but the Thais seem to like him - a bit of a novelty I suppose.
  14. I like the poster in front of the bar advertising for staff .One of the job descriptions says " Nang Deum " - sit and drink .Hey,even I could do that job
  15. If a good value place near the airport (10 mins drive ) is required then I can recommend the Silver Gold Garden Suwannapum Airport Hotel .Located in Lat Krabang just off the main road next to a market and 3 or 4 7/11/Familly Mart shops rooms are adequate and less than 1000 bt ( cheaper to book in advance using a booking site.I thought turning up on the day with cash might elicit a discount,but the opposite seems to be the case ) ...
  16. " An online version of an old British pub " yes,and on here its always " Happy Hour "
  17. Drinking large amounts of water without taking salt as well can be dangerous
  18. Yep,the wind is coming straight down from the Arctic at the moment Given the choice I know where I would rather be
  19. Yingyai sounds like a girls name,probably the others as well.
  20. They already want to know your yearly income - its on the back of the arrival card.I always fill it it truthfully of course .Had to smile last time waiting at the immigration counter,a young tourist ( backpacker type ) was getting into a heated conversation with the official about the section which asks where you will stay whilst in the Kingdom " But I don`t know yet " pleaded the backpacker when asked to fill in the relevant section.I felt like saying " FFS its a form,it has to be filled in ,just think of something,its not like they`re going to send someone round to check "
  21. What next - Elvis is still alive ? Sounds like an attempt to generate free publicity for his new book.
  22. Just bought a Samsung Galaxy J5 - good value at less than a quarter of the price of the latest model ( S7 ),has everything you need - big screen,camera,video,radio,net and maps.One good feature of my previous phone ( Nokia C6 ) was the maps - maps could be downloaded on wifi and then would work offline - no need to incur data charges .Found it particularly usefull on the overnight buses - good to know where you are when its 4 am ,pitch black outside and you need to get off the bus at the right place.Incidentally,have you noticed how early people start work in LOS ? Even at 4 am you see people opening up their shops and businesses
  23. My last GF said " I`ll only go out with you if you have a 8" dick ".....so I said " sorry,dear,I`m not chopping 3 " off for anybody ."
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