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  1. My daughter was telling me that if Trump becomes president, she would leave USA. I feel the same way. Trump may be right about Mexicans paying for the wall at the border -- if he becomes president, there may be such a big exodus of Americans crossing the border into Mexico that Mexicans may have to build a wall to keep the gringos out.
  2. Even if you are only a tourist on a 2 week holiday, you should complain if you come across unacceptable behavior by Officials. I'm willing to bet you that you can complain online easily. I have never been treated unfairly by Officials in LOS, however; and I have been here many times in the last 15 yrs or so.
  3. That happens more often than you'd think, even in the West, when the front line people who are responsible for enforcing the laws do not totally agree with the law as written or are corrupt. What you got to do when this happens is complain to higher ups until you get it right.
  4. Both Trump and Clinton could be derailed before the election -- if Clinton gets indicted for being too loose with classified info and Trump gets mired in the Trump "University" financial fraud trial. Long ways to go yet; a lot can happen.
  5. zzzz

    Apple V Fbi

    This is a no-brainer. The Government should have access to your smart phone in certain cases such as this, involving terrorist acts. Look at safe deposit boxes, which one may think is very private; but the Government can get access to them. If one commits a terrorist act, the government can do things like body cavity searches -- how's that for lack of privacy.
  6. You are joking right? They are out to take money from the working stiffs and give it to the rich, take the jobs in USA to SEA, pay a lot less in wages, and make billions more. They are out to trickle down less and less, whatever the working stiffs can bear. They don't care much about the working stiffs.
  7. Robert Reich: The GOP died in 2016 http://www.salon.com/2016/02/17/robert_reich_the_gop_died_in_2016_partner/
  8. zzzz, on 13 October 2012 - 04:39, said: "I was a Democrat last election. This year, I'm with the Justice Party. They believe that there should be universal health care, free 4-years of college for all...." What Bernie Sanders has been saying about universal health care and free college tuition sounds familiar to me -- it was my position 4 yrs ago (see above). He has my vote.
  9. I made arrangements to come to LOS in about a month.
  10. For these expats who were arrested, could this arrest record cause a problem when they try to get their visa renewed I wonder?
  11. http://www.msn.com/e...id=ansmsnnews11 https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Lord+Lucan&FORM=HDRSC2 "A British judge declared the infamous Lord Lucan officially dead on Wednesday, four decades after he disappeared following the murder of the family's nanny in a lurid tale that has gripped Britain...."
  12. I have not been to NEP for at least 10 yrs. There used to be some really beautiful women there, but relatively expensive. If the prices are too high, most people will just stop coming. But I imagine some rich people will still come to NEP.
  13. Listen to your inner voice. I was passing by a open air beer bar last night in Jomtien Beach and there were two beauties there. My inner voice, however, was telling me that they were not quite right. Their makeup, hair, and clothes were too perfect; they were like goddesses. They were in fact ladyboys. I don't mess with them but have been on occasions caught off guard -- there are some that are very hard to tell. They tend to have bigger bone structure. You can also tell by the way they smell. They smell like dudes as one would expect.
  14. It's T plus a few days for me...the sun has finally come out to stay for a few days i was walking along Jomtien Beach promenade this morning and it was nice and sunny, not too hot.
  15. zzzz

    A Good Red wine..

    It's $9 this year, slightly more expensive than last year (see my post from 2014, above, which states $8.50 in 2014). I heard on the news that this year is the best it has been in decades.
  16. zzzz

    A Good Red wine..

    I went down to Costco USA and bought a couple of bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau 2015. It's pretty good this year. I'm trying to decide whether to buy one, two or tree cases when I go back to Costco for some more tomorrow. Cheers.
  17. Below average in looks but mentally.... I would avoid her like the plague.
  18. Dubai may be the place to be -- I knew a guy who went there and never came back.
  19. Hey Flash, I thought you were in Chomburi, like Nasiadai said. Now you sound like you had gone back to USA. So what have you been doing lately? How are things going?
  20. It's not even paper -- it's all electronic now. You sound like you are living in the past. To me, gold is something to speculate in. There are brick and mortar places where I live that sell gold coins and bullions. But they are not places I would patronize.
  21. If SHTF, guns and ammo beat gold any day. Keep guns and ammo in a safe, not gold -- i.e., if you live in an area where it is legal to do so. GLD -- which is a gold ETF -- would be my choice if I want to speculate in gold because it's easier to buy and sell. If you take possession of the stuff, it's a PITA buying, storing, and selling.
  22. Eliminate desire and attachments and your pain & suffering will disappear.
  23. I think the worst time to visit LOS is now -- late Sep early Oct. Not only is the weather bad, the attitudes of the locals suffer because of the bad weather.
  24. If a car maker wants to sell cars in a country, the car specs would have to meet the laws of that country, whether the country is small or large. The size of the market would not matter. If the existing specs already meet the laws, then obviously they would not have to work up a special set of specs.
  25. In USA, car makers do bother working up a special set of specs for California, where the environmental laws are more strict than the rest of the country. It wouldn't surprise me if they do the same in other areas where the laws are different.
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