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  1. Sorry to hear that, Vientiane has never been a great sex destination, and not that cheap either. But it does lurk. Some of the worst ladyboys I've ever seen are there
  2. Greetings and all the best to you too. That's a great looking arse in the photo
  3. Trump Vs Seasoned Politicians Hmmmmm
  4. Miss Earth busted for sex party - I'd do her in a heartbeat https://coconuts.co/...ketamine-party/ Swingers in Bangkok https://www.xvideos.....mp4_-_openload How to pop balloons - interesting, must try this at our next Thai Meet Up https://www.xvideos.com/video24393453/_.mp4_-_openload
  5. In order to change anything that needs to go to a vote, you need people to agree with your side, by having these marches, it may not attract you to vote, but it does sway others to vote. Especially as voting is not mandatory in USA and often on a working day.
  6. From something called Asian News Argentina trainee footballers coaxed into prostitution for boots, underwears Disgusting! http://www.asianage.com/world/americas/300318/argentina-trainee-footballers-coaxed-into-prostitution-for-boots-underwears.html
  7. You could have changed the word "Mongolian" with Australian" and it still makes sense. I love the next thread in Reddit "Where to go to get a STD check in Mongolia"
  8. Dam this isn't the beer thread? Sorry, I'll pop over Any nudes there?
  9. I remeber learning about "Depth Charges" in New Zealand Was a mug of Stones Green Ginger Wine with a shot glass of Drambui in the bottom, Quite lethal when your 14
  10. Doesn't seem to stop Thais selling guns, I often go to a range in Bangkok, not an issue, and until recently I could have gotten a licence but that's recently been changed I understand. Shops near little India Bangkok - no shortage! While the last image appears to be a wicked gun, it's just a .22 with lots of things on it Interesting I was looking at prices, about double for what I can buy a (legal) revolver in Australia.
  11. Mate of mine lost a toe in Mongolia. I think the stories of being protective are highly over rated. Would you hit on a woman in a Aussie bar sitting with a group of males? Most people go to bars, like Dubai, any girls there alone are usually working
  12. Dirty bastard apparently had nudes on his own phone! Has been leaked, a tad disgusting but worth the look. https://en.mediamass.net/people/mark-zuckerberg/nude-pics.html
  13. Never been but apparently very expensive and lots of girls from many places.
  14. Ahh - I am right, the beers you list are made by fractional freezing, basically, rather than adding alcohol to the beer, water is removed, to increase the ABV, So I don't count those as a natural brewing process. However some new strains of yeast can now survive at higher levels, From Wiki Beer ranges from less than 3% alcohol by volume (abv) to around 14% abv, though this strength can be increased to around 20% by re-pitching with champagne yeast,[120] and to 55% abv by the freeze-distilling process.[121] The alcohol content of beer varies by local practice or beer style.[122] The pale lagers that most consumers are familiar with fall in the range of 4–6%, with a typical abv of 5%.[123] The customary strength of British ales is quite low, with many session beers being around 4% abv.[124] Some beers, such as table beer are of such low alcohol content (1%–4%) that they are served instead of soft drinks in some schools.[125]
  15. Back when I made home brew I am pretty sure th strongest you could make was less than 10% as the higher you went the alcohol eventually killed the yeast.
  16. Looks like the entrance to my old condo, I love betel nut girls but never fucked one sadly http://invisiblephotographer.asia/2017/01/31/betelnutsgirls-chenchinpao/
  17. 7.5% Must be hitting the limit in beer brewing
  18. I usually stay at Mali Namphu. Just near the fountain. Round the corner from Khoo Chai Deu. About 15 mins from embassy. Walking distance to the main drag, and Not Pen Yang sunset bar. Not Pen Yang has lots of freelancers these days. No problemo taking home to hotel. Days have changed
  19. Said piglet, don't youove me anymore you silly bear
  20. Meanwhile, two disgusting asian girls have been caught having sex with a bear!~
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