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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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'The Road' or my title for it 'Just Kill Me Now'


Adapted from a book by the same name a few years ago, its about a father and his young son in a post apocolyptic world. Something cataclysmic happened. Its unexplained. Earthquakes, wild fires, etc. still happening during the movie, left a dark smokey film in the sky that made it impossible for plants to grow and since plants don't grow animals die off.

What's left is a barren wasteland, people are scavanging for any kind of food from what is left of humanity. Some revert to cannibalism. Some form roving bands to steal from others, some commit suicide (my choice), the remainder wander aimlessly.


Well made movie but its the most depressing thing I've seen since the Tottenham 'Perfect Game' dvd when they beat us in the CC semi.


Its a possible political message on the environment though. It could be what will happen if you're the type to believe in global warming, etc. although to be fair, the movie doesn't suggest that. It doesn't explain how they got to the point where they are.


If you see it, make sure you aren't depressed as I was when I walked into the theater. You'll leave worse.

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saw harry brown, what a wicked movie, very realistic, actually more truth as i would definatly relate that movie to where i live(on a estate). u just gotta watch it, also i saw the movie 1 which has been banned in the uk, its about gangs in birmingham, awesome, another top must see.


the reader

happy go lucky

rise of the footsoldier

funny people


mr brooks


the deaths of ian stone

the boy in striped pjamas


i would rate all these movies very high


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