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Usa Thread


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Cav is hoping the conversation changes to Americans in Thai jails instead of the avalanche of financial data rebuking the 'USA's best economy ever' bullshit. No one has a rebuttal so it can't be the economy. Its something else. The elephant in the room is obvious. 

Regarding the person I know, he was a VP in the company I worked for, cashed out stock options for a few million. We had worked in Tokyo before our company was bought out in a merger so we knew Thailand. For whatever reason he let a bar girl let him try yaabaa or whatever it is and a spiral down from there. 

We always registered with US embassies when we traveled. It was company protocol. I'm thinking his sister notified them because I didn't. I wasn't in the country at the time. They visited him in prison, helped him get a lawyer. I don't know how much it cost him but in Pnomh Penh it cost him just under 30k to get out after 4 months. 

A mutual friend visited him in Cambodia and pleaded with him to leave, anywhere but there or Thailand but he wouldn't. He was too far gone. I heard he got out of Thailand by spending tens of thousands on lawyers, who bribed who they needed to and buying someone's recanting of the events. I don't think it was caught on his person, its muddy as to exactly what happened. 

He was asthmic and died in Cambo from an overdose. This was several years ago. Crazy life story. 

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Easily  a third of Americans are any where from truly unemployed or grossly under employed. Not Trump's fault. Obama inherited a monster of a crash. The Democrats do not know politics or economics. It took the Great Depression over a decade to recover. There was no way Obama was going to have a full recovery in the first 5 or 6 years and McConnell guaranteed by not compromising on anything. Even things they both agreed on like infrastructure spending. McConnell was willing to make tens of millions of Americans suffer, let the economy stagnate in order to effect a political advantage. 

He's truly evil. Obama didn't help his own cause. Goldman Sachs literally gave him a list of who to appoint for positions that affected the economy (Treasury, Fed, Commerce, Labor, etc.). The economy was arbitrarily propped up and that continued moreso under Trump. 

Trump made the bubbles bigger. When it pops it will eclipse 2008 easily in the magnitude of havoc. 

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LOL...Okay dude, I'll let you change the narrative since there is no rebuttal to the past several posts. 

black puppet for the far right. She's a grifter. She has zero standing in the black community. Humbly I say that I wouldn't mind an opportunity to  debate her at some point. Not that I'm any great speaker, I'm average at best but she's so dumb, well coached though. When she gets caught, she gets caught. I'd put AOC up against her any day of the week. 

but are we talking about the same Candace Owens? Is it this one after  Charlottesville? The first 2 minutes or so is particularly scary. Dismissing extreme right racist groups like the KKK and Nazis, and she says this right after Charlottesville! Incredibly bad taste. Given a sitting member of Congress has evoked the same thing. 

Oh, not sure if this is the same one . Who denies climate change and has no fucking clue why. None. She is against it because she is 'supposed to be' as a right winger. What a dip shit. Being against climate change is not a crime. People who are against can actually TELL YOU WHY. Hahaha..what a dumb ass. 

But I'm still not sure. Are we still talking about the same Candace Owens who praised Hitler. Charlie Kirk coaches her and he does a fairly good job of helping her gaslight but she obviously lost her notes. This is incredible. It got her kicked off Turning Point USA. Who, by the way, are supposed to have some "Blexit" blacks out of the Democratic party to the Republican party and they have no numbers, no stats. Why? Because its a complete joke and failure. Oh, I forgot Kanye, LMAO.  She got Kanye while he was off his meds. Dude, really? Candace Owens? LOLOLOL...If tRump can run and win, you can, Cav can, I can, ANYONE can so I won't dismiss her being able to be president with the electoral college mess the way it is. Popular vote? Not even close. 

For our non American folks. As always, I find it necessary to provide a verbal gas mask for the gas lighting you hear on here. 

Candace Owens spent the first half of 2016 as an Anti Trump youtuber. She also was the victim of racial bullying in HS, and one of the bullies was the son of the mayor in her Connecticutt home town. She sued them for RACIAL ABUSE....HAHAHA...she even tried to  start a site to out bullies. About Mid Summer 2016 , 180 U turn to support Trump. Hmmm...most people, all people who genuinely take a 180 degree change in ideology, do this over time. They hear the opposing facts, they say hmmm...are challenged, and over weeks and months change. NO ONE changes in 24 hours and that's what she basically did. Why may you ask? MONEY.  She was broke and failing as an anti Trumpeteer. That space has too many people. But an attractive seemingly well spoken young black woman? That's a very underserved  niche. There is her and Diamond and Silk in that space...LOL. 

Tomi Lahren and other young, attractive white conservatives hate her. Why? Well, 2 reasons. 1. They want that space for themselves. and 2. They know she's full of shit, in it for the money and not a true believer. The second one is what grates them. 

Now, is she a true believer now? Hmm...she's bitter and angry so she has convinced herself she is a true believer. She's been called all manner of things, 1000s of messages to her calling her sell out, negro bedwench (these are the women in slavery who willingly slept with the master and told him of slave revolts), the usual fare. 

Candace Owens is laughable. She, Ben Shapiro, Charlie  Kirk, all  have the same style. Talk very fast, and repeat a lot of shit, a lot, some of it pure bullshit but its so much verbal bullshit, you literally have to deconstruct several things and go  off on tangential things to rebuke them. They know this. Its a common tactic. When they are on their own program they lie like a persian rug, and its vitriolic. When they get in a more diversely opinionated crowd its toned down and the gaslighting becomes more subtle. 

She even got upended by a rapper. LOL....not that rappers can't  be intelligent but rappers are supposed to be way down her level. She tries to deflect, nuance, etc, and he wouldn't let her off the hook (sounds like this thread in some previous several posts). I would really love a crack at her (non sexually but if she and her husband wanna go Falwell style, I might let her blow me IF she swallows ;) )


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As much as I think that Hilary was unsuitable, in all ways and absolutely brimming, with pent up "Hell Hath No Fury Like A  Woman Scorned",

I did hear her once, in 2015, talking about the deployment of forces, in a crisis situation and what that was all about.

My conclusion then, was that I'd prefer her to be in charge of the Nuclear button and the US forces.

With her, you would have got reason and logic, and spitting tacks.

With Donald you've got: "Fake News!", "Loser!", "Hoax!", "Putin is a very strong man, we have a great relationship!"

But lest any one think I am promoting Hilary, I am not. Donald was an unknown, complete f*cking moron, in 2015. Hilary is better than Trump, and anyone else is better than Hilary.

If I were to do a little,  "observer from afar ranking" it would be:

1 Obama

2 George W

3 Bill C

4 Hilary C

5 Nixon

6 Trump

7 Manson


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Manson called and said he's offended. 

I'd put Bill Clinton over Bush by miles. Clinton had his issues but the economy took off under him and it was a relatively peaceful time. Bush had 2 wars that are still ongoing almost 20 years later and inherited a great economy and almost turned it into a depression. But that's me. 

I also think Hillary gets a bit too much criticism. Experience wise she had the most of any candidate in 2016. Bernie was for me, the far better candidate of everyone. Even though its likely we'd be in a war if she was elected, she was an obvious choice over Trump. Cruz was almost as bad because he actually believes in his ideology but voting for Trump was not even a consideration and some supporting him after seeing what he is capable of says there are non economical, non moral/ethical reasons for his support. Its way, way deeper than that. And that rabbit hole has some scary things at the end of it, if we are really honest about why he has support.  

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