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4 hours ago, Coss said:

What you said :)

Not expecting an answer and if we are fortunate with one. I 100 percent guarantee you its based on opinion and generalizations that are not based in facts or stats and if there are any stats its hypocritically applied to Obama only. 

Thats usually how these things turn out. Where his personal opinion is the reason. 

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Bob Woodward's book Rage about Trump. I'm not surprised at all. No one should be. And lastly, no one should be surprised he downplayed and minimized acting on it purely because its an election year. 

I was surprised "only" 675k died in America with the spanish flu. I thought it was more. I know in my hometown in Philly at least 34k died in a 2 month time.  Anyway, the people who support don't like it but are so invested mentally/emotionally will not publicly give it the gravity it deserves because the "Libs" will make a meal of it. It's why EVERY fuck up is gaslighted.  They know its wrong but they'd rather protect their support to "Libs" and Libs are anyone who doesn't support Trump. 


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Snap - I just saw this too


The Bob Woodward book, is going to lay Trump's incompetence, bare, for all to see. The coverage is only just starting, keep yer eyes peeled.

The initial tit bits that I'm savouring are ::  


Trump was interviewed by Woodward some 18 times.

Trump was an active and eager participant in these interviews,  because he sought to get Woodward to write a positive, view of, "Trump the great man".

The interviews were taped, not secretly, openly, so Trump knew, he was being taped.

And we can hear Trump speaking, so it's not fake, it's not a hoax, it's just mind-numbing stupidity.

Does anyone not know, that Bob Woodward was one of the journos, who with Carl Bernstein, brought Nixon down?

Maybe Trump is just stupid, oh hang on, I've said that innumerable times.


Woodward details that Trump was briefed on the virus in January.

"This is deadly stuff," Trump told Woodward in a Feb. 7 phone call.

“You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Trump told Woodward, according to The Post. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flu.”

“I wanted to always play it down. I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic," Trump said in a March 19 call with Woodward, according to an audio clip posted Wednesday on The Washington Post's website. 

In the same interview, Trump acknowledged that the disease was more deadly.

"Now it's turning out it's not just old people, Bob. But just today, and yesterday, some startling facts came out. It's not just old, older," Trump said, according to an audio clip, and then added, "young people, too, plenty of young people."


"My fucking generals are a bunch of pussies. They care more about their alliances than they do about trade deals.” 







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ON RACE RELATIONS: “In a second conversation, on June 19, Woodward asked the president about White privilege, noting that they were both White men of the same generation who had privileged upbringings. Woodward suggested that they had a responsibility to better ‘understand the anger and pain’ felt by Black Americans. ‘No,’ Trump replied, his voice described by Woodward as mocking and incredulous. ‘You really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you. Wow. No, I don’t feel that at all.’”

ON NORTH KOREA: “Trump was taken with [KIM JONG UN’S] flattery, Woodward writes, telling the author pridefully that Kim had addressed him as ‘Excellency.’ Trump remarked that he was awestruck meeting Kim for the first time in 2018 in Singapore, thinking to himself, ‘Holy shit,’ and finding Kim to be ‘far beyond smart.’ Trump also boasted to Woodward that Kim ‘tells me everything,’ including a graphic account of Kim having his uncle killed.”

GIVING AWAY SECRETS … U.S. HAS A NEW WEAPONS SYSTEM: “In the midst of reflecting upon how close the United States had come in 2017 to war with North Korea, Trump revealed, ‘I have built a nuclear -- a weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before. We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There’s nobody -- what we have is incredible.’ Woodward writes that anonymous sources later confirmed that the U.S. military had a secret new weapons system, but they would not provide details, and that the sources were surprised Trump had disclosed it.”

ON BARACK OBAMA: ““I don’t think Obama’s smart. … I think he’s highly overrated. And I don’t think he’s a great speaker.’ Trump added that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un thought Obama was ‘an asshole.’”

JARED KUSHNER is “quoted extensively” in the book, COSTA and RUCKER write. “Woodward writes that Kushner advised people that one of the most important guiding texts to understand the Trump presidency was ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ a novel about a young girl who falls through a rabbit hole. He singled out the Cheshire cat, whose strategy was endurance and persistence, not direction.”

FAUCI ON JARED: “Woodward describes Fauci as particularly disappointed in Kushner for talking like a cheerleader as if everything was great. In June, as the virus was spreading wildly coast to coast and case numbers soared in Arizona, Florida, Texas and other states, Kushner said of Trump, ‘The goal is to get his head from governing to campaigning.’”

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What Cav didn’t post from the Trump Nobel Article

Has Mr Trump been nominated before?


And for the second time, he has Mr Tybring-Gjedde to thank. In 2018, the right-wing politician was one of two Norwegian lawmakers to nominate Mr Trump for the same prize, then for his efforts to bring reconciliation to North and South Korea. 

Mr Trump did not take home the prize that year, but Mr Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the conservative Progress Party, insists the US president meets the criteria this time.

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1 hour ago, Mekong said:

......... to nominate Mr Trump for the same prize, then for his efforts to bring reconciliation to North and South Korea. 


Leading into the forthcoming reunification of both the Korea states under the banner of happyness and democracy. I think Trump has long forgotten about the little rocketman and what the problem was with Korea. He is a semi dement liar.

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For whatever faults you may want to bestow on Obama, unintelligent isn't one of them. Harvard Law Review editor is probably the highest academic honor of any university student in America. That honour is based purely on merit. The selecting authority has no knowledge of the individual. The HLR editor customarily is the first in line for literally any legal (and most non legal) jobs in America. The first in line for any Supreme Court clerkship. 

Obama could arguably be described as the most intelligent President in the last 100 years. You'd have to go back to Wilson (President of Princeton) or Taft (who was both President and a Supreme Court justice, the only person to do both, Yale grad). Bill Clinton could also make a shout (Georgetown, Oxford, Yale Law School, Rhodes Scholar). HLR editor is the highest academic achievement in America traditionally. 

Saying Obama wasn't particularly smart and not a good public speaker is one of the more asinine comments and shows the level of his personal hatred of Obama. Jealousy and envy obviously.

North Korea not liking Obama is a good thing. When do you want your enemies to like you? That was also a nonsensical comment. Tantamount to responding to saying Churchill was a great man with "Hitler hated him". 

As far as the weapons system that 'no one has ever heard of before', if we gleam what we know about Trump's character from other accounts, he's full of shit. We have no new system and if we did, they know now. It's no longer a secret. If he's saying that to Woodward he's said to anyone. 

His comments on race relations is nothing new. Water is wet. in fact his view is possibly the biggest attribute for the support of the extreme right. They know any thing he does like give money to HBCUs (black colleges set up because after the Civil War going forward, blacks weren't allowed in universities in any numbers, token admission here and there) is politically motivated to offset the damage he does elsewhere. Note, he's not the first president to do that. These monies are already allocated. He did give more than Obama but Obama did less than other Presidents as well in that regard. Bush gave billions to Africa in aid on his way out. Trump knows if he repeats a lie often enough, (done more than anyone else with Lincoln being the exception) it becomes a cognitive dissonant fact. ALL administrations give money to HBCUs, the amounts vary and its usually increased or remains the same with each administration. Not always but usually. Increasing it is not novel. 

Kushner is probably the smartest one in the administration. He's lining himself to benefit financially and amass power as well. 


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Not sure why I waste my time over this meaningless fellow but this is what wikipedia thinks:


He is most widely known for his opposition to immigration, especially Muslim immigration,[1] He believes immigration policy to be the single most important political issue facing Norwegian society.[2] In 2014 he released his book about immigration politics titled Mens orkesteret fortsetter å spille (While the orchestra continues to play).[3][4] In foreign policy he has supported Vladimir Putin and criticized the sanctions against Russia that the conservatives pushed for; he has also said the west should recognise the Russian occupation and annexation of Crimea.[5][6][7][8][9] He has been sharply critical of United States foreign policy prior to the election of Donald Trump

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I've said this before. The Republican party are excellent at the art of politics because they have to be. If every eligible voter voted, the Democrats would run the country. They are the majority party in terms of numbers. The last Republican to win the popular vote in his first election was Bush in 1988. 

The White House, Congress and the Senate would be majority Democrat if everyone voted. Republicans know this. And its going to get worse. Gen Y an Z are far more liberal than their fathers and grandfathers. They are the most left leaning generation for maybe 40 years. The 'Hippie generation' was very liberal but even so not in anywhere the same percentages as today. Those liberals were in progressive states. The 20 something year olds in the deep south and midwest were still conservative. These days, even the white youth in the deep south are liberal. No where close to the same numbers as the blue states but are. They grew up in an America where they have diversified classmates and their cultural icons they admire in sports, music, entertainment do not look like them. That was not the same in any other generation in the south. 

The Republicans know all of this so they have to play 'dirty pool' to win. I get it and I completely understand even if I completely disagree with the tactics. It's a survival instinct. The Gen Y and Gen Z that are right are very, very far right. The far right youth of the baby boomers and the immediate generation after, would not have produced too many if any, Dylan Roofs at all. Rittenhouse is of that ilk. They are far, far more dangerous. The same can be said of the far left. Antifa was very small before the BLM marches, the protests are the best thing for recruitment. Still they are fairly small especially  in comparison to the militia groups and other extreme right groups. I also 100 percent believe the FBI knows this and knows its a powder keg. I firmly believe they know there are more Dylan Roofs and Rittenhouses out there, a fair number of them. 

Anyway, Republicans know they have to fight as a minority party. There are no longer two fairly even parties in America in terms of numbers. It used to be about 40 to 45 percent of each party and an independent 10 percent you have convince. Now there really isn't any independents out there. There are no neutrals on Trump. There are no undecideds. Anyone who claims they are are a Trump supporter. The only anti Trump supporter saying he is independent are the ones that live in deeply red areas where the pro Trump envirtonment seeps into social relationships, employment, etc, Basically, you can't get ahead if people know you are not a Trump supporter. Not a lot of those places but they exist. 

The country is about 55 percent Dem or non interested but if they did vote it would be Dem. There is a certain level of apathy. They aren't going to vote, life is tough, they are under employed and existing, multigenerational poor/working class. The Democratic party loses elections because the conservative voters know they are low in numbers and must turn out the vote to survive. It may not be any good anyway. The Virginia state legislature went Democrat (blue) for the first time in decades over a year ago. The state had record Republican turn out. 

The big quandary for the Republicans and conservatives is do we die fighting a valiant death, holding true to what we are, a majority white male party? Or do we survive and possibly thrive expanding to a group or groups we have been against in the past? I think there will be a hybrid. My guess? Asians are a group that is prime for recruitment. A fast growing population (now 8 percent and will be 10 percent before not too long), boxes ticked on the 'hard work, conservative values' areas. Anglo latinos are there or the taking (Cubans especially). Ethnic, ambiguous whites (Armenians, Turks, southern Europeans, northern Africans,  Persians), Indian subcontinent, small in numbers but still you take what you can. Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, etc. All the preceding groups can be co-opted to be against BLM fairly easily. Socially they have lived around but not mixed well with black Americans. I'd even add Arabs in there believe it or not. Upper class gays and Jews  are also a possibly recruitment area. The Republicans have a fairly decent percentage of the women vote. A little under 40% That can be expanded to 50/50 with the right messaging. 

Basically, pick  off the Democratic niches where you can. The Democratic party has a lot of trouble turning out in large numbers because they are vast and extremely diverse. The Republicans only have to talk to one main group. The Dems have to appeal to a wide, wide array of people. And some of these groups do not like each other. 

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The news is full of very bad shit for Trump, including a new whistle blower complaint, that US intelligence, into Russian efforts, has been censored and silenced by Trump and the White House.

I think the following weeks, will be less about who wins the election, and more aboutTrump surviving until the election...

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