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1 hour ago, Nasiadai said:

why you are discussing with heart and soul who will win the election

It's less about who will win and more about who is a capable and worthy candidate. I mean you wouldn't hire a stupid fox, to guard the hen house would you?


Also, 'mericans are looking quite stupid at this time. Pence has said he won't use a plexiglass baririer in the forthcoming debate, fair enough, his choice.

But look at the plexiglass barriers they've got ready :

Anyone who knows anything about wind and air currents, will see that the barriers, the size of shower doors, will do nothing except perhaps, stop a small calibre bullet. Idiots...

Think of it this way, if I fart on one side of a room, even a large one, my wife can smell it, 6 seconds later, on the other side of the room.

Shared air, just sayin...



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6 hours ago, Nasiadai said:

Biden will not remain president for long; very soon his senile dementia will become so obvious that strong forces in the Democratic Party and also in the media
(CNN, NYT and others) will force Biden to resign.



You might have noticed over the last almost 4 years that obviously growing mental sickness is no reason to resign as Presidend of the United States.

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2 hours ago, Mekong said:

Does “a large one” refer to size of Room or Fart?

Room, but point taken. I made a roast lamb leg on a bed of 5 chopped onions and the resultant gravy made me fart small, but deadly, that one got her complaining from another room...

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