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Nicola Sturgeon urged to scrap census asking teenagers about anal sex

Scotland’s largest parents’ organisation is calling for the SNP government to withdraw its schools’ health and wellbeing census, which has attracted opprobrium for asking 14-year-olds about their experience of anal sex.

The controversial poll has united rightwing pro-family campaigners and progressive children’s rights advocates, with both groups fearing it may end up causing harm to the young people it intends to help.


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I'm reminded of a survey done asking 12-14 yr olds if they'd ever "brought a weapon to school".  "Was it a gun or a  knife?"

All the young boys said "yeah I carry all the time, Guns of course".

In NZ, where guns are quite hard to come by, for kids.

But the result of the survey stated that 40% of our children were armed with guns at school.

Any survey of kids should be viewed through the filters of:

A/. what the kids think you want to hear...

B/. what the kids think is cool...


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10 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

hahahha - exactly right Coss

So Nicola Sturgeon's survey runs the risk of all kids saying "yeah I do it all the time, 5 times a day... Everyone, boys, girls, unattended animals..."

Headline - "Nation of buggerers !!!"

Again I risk  offending the Scots on this board.

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