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Manila And Angeles Update


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I always re-activate my account at http://www.asianescapades.com/ prior to a trip, filled with reviews, current goings-on as well as current pics, you do have to pay though.


If you don't use a Hotel to pick you up in Manila I'd suggest these guys: http://www.margarita....com/update.php pretty reliable and have a good rep, used them on my last trip.


Beisdes Orchard Inn noted by Coss there's also http://www.wildorchidresort.com/ - great location with two pools, Stayed there last spring. Walked up to Kokomos for most of my meals, great place for people watching.


Have some Pattaya Expat friends living in Pattaya, AC is where they go for vacation :-) Many say you get WAY better GFE in AC and LT's the rule there (vice ST). Hopefully they'll be a "Pool Party" going on somewhere during your visit, should bring a waterproof camera if you go :-)

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Been to Philippines several times in the last 5 years. Makati, the spot in Manila. Tinder and Badoo for your phone is a must. Plenty of women looking for a foreigner.

Angeles City loves me for some reason. There is a club on Walking Street called High Society. A dance club, low cover charge, a few bux and a mixture of women from those from the strip clubs to locals looking to have fun.

I have had a non p4p 3some out of that club twice in a year for some strange reason. I do have a method to my madness. I chat up 2 girls and if they are best friends, i move on. Casual friends only and one of them should have gone to an all girls catholic school. One thing I know about these schools EVERY girl has had some type of lesbian thing happen from kissing to fingering to eating pussy. Its just a function of those schools. Anyway, what I do is order 3 shots. Tell them we are gonna try a philly shooter, this is after some conversation to break the ice. I take the shot in my mouth and grab one of them, the one that likes me the most and shoot the shot into her mouth and before the other can blink I do the same to her and then tell them the last shot is for both of them. 2 or 3 hours later, after repeating the process but i let one of them suggest the drink, I tell them they need to walk me back to my hotel to make sure no bad girls pick me up...that gets a laugh and they pretty much know what's going to go on. I shower, chill on the bed, watch tv and both relax and and the hands start moving around.

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Manilla airport is a shit hole, even the new one is falling apart. Frankly and oddly the "low cost" terminal is the better of them. Lounges are crap.


Back in Manilla, I prefer hunting in Green Belt Cuba Bar, than going to the red light area, that's just ugly and crap.


Street girls offering massage are hit and miss, which defies common sense,


All in all, avoid Manilla,


Lucky for me my main office is Subic. Just dont get there often.

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Just got back from 3 weeks there. I stayed near Century Mall. Which is a stone's throw from the red light district street, Burgos Street. I like that area because there is an open air place that has a lot of local girls who are open as well as pros. There is also a night club called Royal that has some decent girls in there open to foreigners.


Angeles was in this trip and it didn't disappoint. A lot of the girls in the 'game' are on Tinder. I'm going to try Cuba Bar as the previous poster recommends. I was told there is a decent club called Valkyrie that I've heard good things about.

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