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How To Watch English Premier League In Thailand 2013-2016


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I've lost most of my interest in The Arsenal. Still love them dearly but Wenger has to go. Big match at Anfield. Both sides not playing particular well. Its Chelsea's title for sure. The fight for top 4 is exciting. Who will be left out?


Next season, assuming Mourinho continues to improve Man Utd, Tottenham continues to be as good as they have been the last year and a half and Klopp improves, its going to be a very exciting in terms of top 4 places. City and Chelsea are a given.

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SIXTH I am sick of looking at the table every week during Uniteds 17 unbeaten league run and keep seeing us stuck in farkin' 6th Place. They last hit sixth on 6 November 2016 after away win at Swansea and have been stuck there ever since, neigh on 4 months now.


But this weekend it may all change, beat Bournemouth tomorrow then no matter what the result later at Anfield they will rise to the giddy heights of fifth.


Its the lack of Goals stifling United only Chelsea and Spurs have conceded less but even Everton have scored more out of the top 6 united have 38 (16 of those by Zlatan) the next lowest is Spurs on 50. Only lost 3 games the same as Chelsea and Spurs but the 9 Draws is whats holding them back, if only 3 of those 9 could have wins they would be in Second but then again if your Auntie had balls she would be your Uncle, if's what's and maybes are bye the bye, the table doesn't lie.


I honestly think both Arsenal and Liverpool will miss out on Champions League next season, United will probably sneak in either by finishing fourth or winning the Europa League, it would be funny if Liverpool got fourth and were pushed out by United winning the Europa, they will then know how Everton felt.

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The money being spent on transfers is on a scale never seen before. Everton have spent 100 mil...Everton! And rumors are that they are lining up bids for Theo Walcott and/or Oliver Giroud. 30 mil I hear.


Bad season for The Arsenal that ended well. Arsenal's problem is Wenger. He's past it. Time to go. He's a Clough like figure at Arsenal. Iconic, legendary manager that can no longer win titles.


The club lacks mental toughness. The talent is there. There is more than enough talent to make a run at the title and the last 10 or so matches of the season up to and including the cup final shows it.


Man Utd still has issues. The Mourinho Magic is waning. He is not able to come into big clubs and instantly be successful. That terrible last season at Chelsea either exposed him or took something away. Man Utd will buy big in the summer and go into the season with lots of promise. However the competition for the title is intense. The most I've ever seen it. There are half a dozen good clubs. If Klopp turns that corner it will get more intense. Spurs looking like they are going from strength to strength and City will continue to spend their way out of any issues they have.

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