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Another Darwin Award Applicant


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So Foofs falling off historic landmarks and dying,  because they are too caught up in their "more important that anything else, even their lives", insta moment, is of no moment?

Rescue service and Ambulances are provided for people with no Feck? who could avoid the problem, if they were not living their lives inside a Jesus Phone?


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Ironically in the past few days I was reading about the Notth Sentianal’s https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Sentinel_Island and thought to myself “How long before a religious fruitcake tries their luck” 

Obviously, sooner than I imagined, and my thoughts are in tune with what head the balls try. 

Is Religion an Synonym of Stupidity? 

Dont answer that, my thoughts on such are well recorded on this forum. 

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People need to be warned??? 


An Albuquerque woman is suing Samsung for $1.8 million after she necessitated medical attention after inserting her cell phone inside her vagina and was unable to retrieve it for 96 hours.
Salma Briant, 39, claims her medical bills at the University of New Mexico Hospital amount to $1,168,000 and that she has suffered from severe psychological distress because of the whole ordeal.


Briant said she first inserted the cell phone inside her vagina as a dare from one of her friends but quickly realized that the phone would not come out.

“Samsung is definitely at fault here as they offer no warning about the dangers and potential risks during the insertion of their products inside their clients male or female body cavities or genitals” Salma Briant’s lawyer, Jim McAfee said in court.

A Samsung spokesman said they would not comment on this case at this moment but explained that an out-of-court settlement was still an option on the table.

Apple faced a similar lawsuit in 2014 after a man had attempted to swallow fourteen iPhones and ended up in the emergency room for mercury poisoning.

Apple was eventually forced to legally specify that their products were not fit for human consumption and the man was conceded an undisclosed amount of money.


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One wonders, if she's ever been to the Eiffel tower in Paris and if they have a sign, which says, "Warning, don't attempt to insert this into your cunt/anus, it could damage your throat/brain". But in French...

Oh wait!

"A favorite subject of World News Daily Report (WNDR), a well-known “satire” site that has a long history of publishing junk news articles, involves fictional stories about people placing odd items inside body cavities. Over the years they’ve published stories about a man’s getting his head stuck in a woman’s vagina, a terrorist’s attempting to smuggle a grenade in his anus, a babysitter’s stealing a baby by concealing it inside of her vagina, and a McDonald’s employee’s pilfering 80 pounds of frozen chicken McNuggets by hiding them in his anal cavity...."


So Cav, are you consciously disseminating FAKE NEWS or are you an unwitting believer?

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