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Another Darwin Award Applicant


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And another one!


A man was shot and killed after he set off a booby trap in his own home on Thanksgiving night.

Ronald Cyr, 65, of Van Buren, Maine, died of injuries sustained at his home on Nov. 28 after a handgun that was designed to fire upon anybody entering the front door of his residence went off.

Officer Chandler Madore and the Van Buren Police Department, assisted by the U.S. Border Patrol, responded to a call indicating that Cyr had been shot. But when officers arrived on scene they discovered that he had been injured by a booby trap that he had allegedly set up himself, according to a statement released by the Van Buren Police Department.


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Because "Insta"

Three dead after dry ice thrown into swimming pool during Instagram influencer’s birthday party

About 25kg of dry ice was tipped into the pool with the intention of creating a “visual effect” to impress guests.

But people inside the pool reportedly instantly began to choke and lose consciousness.

Several people were injured during the stunt, including Ms Didenko’s husband, 32-year-old Valentin Didenko, who is reportedly among the dead....





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Cupla stryne ones ::

Australian woman dies trying to take photo at edge of 262-foot cliff

A woman in Australia fell off a cliff to her death on Saturday after trying to take a photo at the precarious location.

Rosy Loomba, 38, was with her husband and child when the accident occurred.

Because Insta!




From the video at ::  Masses of sea foam engulfs beach on Australia’s Gold Coast

Here in Middle Earth, when there is foam like this, on the sea shore, 1 metre high or 1 inch high, it's a sign that a sewerage, or other polluting outlet, is nearby.

But Insta!


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Q 1: is Australia's Gold Coast, adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef?

Q 2: Did foam come to the Gold Coast, before the Great Barrier Reef started to get Bleaching events?

Q 3: What happens to all the pesticides and fertilisers and sewerage and such, that wash down the rivers and off the land, from Australia's extensive, Cities, Pineapple and Banana farms?



Banana production



Pineapple production


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