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chocolat steve

Health/diet Regimen

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Moderation is the key along with proper exercise, IMO




Take away the word "Proper" and I am in agreement, any form of exercise IMHO, I have a well balanced diet, a Sandwich in one hand and a Beer in the other.


The reason I prefer being "Site Based" than "Office Based" is 'coz I can pop out to the site and have a walk around a "look see" I must walk about 10KM / day plus 2-3 treks up/down stairs to at least 90 Meters, OK 250 Meter up the stack I take the elevator, I am not mental.


It may not be an exercise regime per ce but I probably put the same cards-vascular strain on my body than say a 1 hour workout in the Gym, plus the age old adage "If ya Walking, You ain't working" haha "On Site" great excuse for tossing it off for a couple of hours

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According to my 6-month regular blood testing all results incl cholesterol are very good which is due to :


- Disregarding currently popular nutrition theories


- Following some basic rules like avoiding any industrialised food and preferring fresh product from the market


- Reducing sugar consumption and eating more fish than meat


Which is more or less what mankind has been successfully eating for a million years . Not think too mut .

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