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G Spot Nana Plaza

My Penis is hungry

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NOPE!!! I was right! AS was Buffalo Bill!


Not really, it all depends what era you are referring to, myself and Mr Mekong were talking about the Nana Plaza of the late 90's early 2000's (arguably the best years) when G Spot was pretty much in the centre of the 2nd floor. The right hand corner back then was occupied by the Woodstock Bar, I'm surprised no one has pointed this out since it was the weekly meeting place of this very forum, (before it was changed from Nanaplaza.com to Thai360.com) Both Nana-Plaza and Soi Cowboy have changed beyond recognition over the last 30 years

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When did Woodstock relocate to Tong Lor? I sort of remember the board meetings being in Gullivers Soi 5 around 2005 but I am sure that change of location was for "Other Reasons" and not Woodstock moving


Put it this way I have not been in NEP since before Woodstock moved hence the reason my memory of G Spot is the original location.

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There was two groups, and people moving between that used to meet Friday night. One group at Santos place next door, with Sarasin mostly in the lead, the other at Woodstock was the Nanaplaza mob.


Woodstock moved about 2003/4 maybe?


One of the Dutch contingent used to work at Woodstock I think and would know the dates better.


Nice people. I liked the burger with the blue vein cheese


<< The last non go-go bar – the Woodstock pub – was sold in 2005 and was turned into the now-famous Rainbow 4. With that, Nana Plaza’s transformation into one of Bangkok’s top nightlife areas was complete.>>


There we go - 2005 And still places G Spot in the back corner with Woodstock on the end of the right wall




Really good article by stick, I really should have read him more often perhaps.

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Haha the infamous Santos and Titty Twisters the only bar in NEP to have about 10 "50%" shares sold in it.


Titty Twisters was not his biggest con though, that title falls to Warblers a Bar a bit further up Soi 4, a great bar in its day for Mexican and Indian food (Well Santos was one and claimed to be another), good live music


But Warblers was not his brainchild, the original Warblers was a well known expat bar in Bahrain owned by a affable Londoner called "G" The G-Man's Idea had been "Warblers Bangkok" Santos was the bar manager in Bahrain and got run out due to embezzlement / legal issues etc and ended up in Bangkok


Titty Twisters was his means to finance Warblers which he did to a T, same font on the Menus, same artwork / emblem (if you remember an outline of big nose, goatee beard and fat belly) which was G's side profile. By the time G caught wind of this and back to Bangkok Santos had disappeared. Many rumours about what actually happened to Santos bt me me all unsubstantiated and therefore here say.


Not to take thing lying down G then opened "The Living Room" at top of Suk Soi 13 right next to entrance of Clinton Plaza / across the way for Soi 10 Beer Bar Complex. That was a farking great bar it was also the Bangkok home to the Nanapong board while it lasted it, which was only 2-3 years.


Oh Gawd I could go on and on but the phrase "I Could tell ya, but have to kill ya" springs to ming

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TLR was excellent especially G's "Private Cinema" at the back of the Bar.


Back then I took an 18 Month Sabbatical form work ... Living on Suk Soi 13 at the time about 50 Meters from TLR / CEP / Soi 10 BB Complex heady days indeed how the hell I lived to tell the tale is one of life great unknowns.


I can't remember when exactly probably mid 2002 and my ATM card said "Less than $1,000" holy shite time to sober up and get a job again, which I did.


Do I regret those days? Do I Fark like, I was mid 30's a pocket full of cash and not a care in the world I used to take Breakfast in TLR and be wheeled out at 2-3 AM next Morning, the following day I did it again.


An old saying my Grandfather used to say springs to mind "Son, it is better to regret something one has done rather than regret not doing it at all" it took me decades to decipher his words until finally the penny dropped.


Matured, Grown Up or grown out of it? Farked it I know but it was damn good fun when I was younger and that it what it was pure hedonism.


1991 I first moved here, people gave me 6 Months, 2 Years max, 27 years later still here, I have seen literally 100's if not 1,000's of people disappear in that time ... like bad smell I still hang around


Cheers Kong

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