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The TM 30 form


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On 8/29/2019 at 6:59 AM, khunsanuk said:


> The solution obviously is not to stay in a hotel when you travel in country.

Or let your wife check-in instead. Just don't give the hotel your passport.


When my Mrs and I have stayed at a Thai hotel, they've insisted  on seeing my passport as well.  :(

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Went to Pathum Thani immigration office this morning. My mother wants to stay extend her stay more than the 30 days.

Had to fill in TM.28 despite not doing that when she first arrived almost a month ago.

No mention of TM.30 despite her not being registered anywhere on first arrival.

She is staying at our place which is registered in my wife's name, they wanted a copy of the house book and her ID card that's all.



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If fell on me ... and hundreds of others when I went to Immigration in late June. The police sergeant told me politely - but quite firmly - that she could not renew my visa until I had completed a TM30. People were milling around, asking what the hell the unknown requirement was. We all had to return home and have our landlords to fill out the form (which is all in Thai). Otherwise, no visa. We then had to pay a fine for not doing something we had never heard of or needed to do before.  :(

My normal half a day or so to renew my visa ending up taking me almost two full days. I presume that if I hadn't been able to find my landlord, I'd have been refused a visa and had to leave Thailand within a few days when my old one expired.

I had to do an additional TM30 when I returned from the US two weeks ago, even though I'd registered with Immigration at Swampypoom. I'll also have to do one every time I decide to go somewhere in country for a more than 24 hours.

The asinine thing is that the form dates before the days of PCs, iPhones, and the internet. Something that might have made sense 40+ years ago makes none at all, now that everything can be done in minutes on line. But Fearless Leader insists upon it. 


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"I'll also have to do one every time I decide to go somewhere in country for a more than 24 hours." I know I'm being asinine, but what if:

a/. you get your landlord/other to fill out multiple instances of these forms sans dates and then just put the dates in as required in the future.

b/. you don't tell them you are leaving town, "I'm just popping down to the 7/11 for 17 days, I'll be back this afternoon."

I prolly got this conflubbled. I'm glad I don't have these Orwellian and onerous requirements when I'm in Laos, but then I did have to lie to them about my employment status....

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