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The Covid-19 thread


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On 3/22/2020 at 1:25 AM, cavanami said:

John Mark Dougan is living in Russia and the following video he mentions that he has covid-19. The meds he can obtain in Russia costs $8 for 60 pills...in the USA, it is $8 per pill...He mentions his symptoms and how he is feeling. From what he says, the virus is not so serious? Me thinks YMMV.

Here is a different experience from a marathon runner that got infected. Since the ICU was NOT full at the time he was sick, he survived after spending 13 days in ICU.


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This is a good virus spread map, from Bing, I was surprised at the spread, world wide, ahh the wonders of tourism...


And there are still tourists in NZ refusing to isolate, New Zealand is a unique holiday experience.

Come and experience 100% Pure New Zealand jail cells and expedited deportation. :)



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Gave a look at the local Makro (big box store) and after two weeks of all the Thais panic buying..

All Mama noodles, gone

All eggs, gone

7am this morning, parking lot full. Loooong lines at the checkout, carts stacked to the max with whatever items are remaining for sale...

Now, will Makro be able to restock? can they get the items trucked in?

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