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Chat GPT


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Does matter which side undress too?


It's not perfect


You'll note it says it's not up to date from 2021


It's really not a search engine


It's be proven to lie.


If you ask it to write a news article on why Mekong should be the next PM of Thailand and give it some background and lies it will present that as the truth


It's about how you use it


And without you getting into wanker territory I did run simple letters it wrote past old experience lawyers who thought it worked well.


It did know general Australian law, depends again on what it's been fed



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54 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

asked Chat GPT to write me a letter based upon a specific contract breach and it couldn’t because it did not know the specific contract. 

That's funny how stupid you are there

A real lawyer wouldn't know either




A real lawyer would have the contract to hand. 
Only an idiot would seek legal contractual advice from a lawyer without making him privy to said contract, in many cases the lawyer would have been involved in drafting said contact in first place

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And you asked GPT to comment without giving it the contract?


Then why would that be any different to a real lawyer


If you want to know what it's results are, you need to treat it as you would a lawyer


So far the only idiot is the (cough cough) customer not giving the legal advice giver the material they are asking about

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I was merely pointing out the limitations of ChatGPT.

No doubt it is capable of basic generic tasks suck as writing a legal letter appertaining to (in your case) Australian Law, but once you task it with something slightly more onerous it is stumped.

Since I was never stupid enough to ask Chat GPT anything specific legally the only idiot (cough cough) is the one who assumed that I did. I never said I asked such a question, merely pointed out that it would be impossible for it to answer such if I ever did, based upon its limitations

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