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After hearing / reading all the hype about it, I decided to give it a test drive.

Asked questions about Stock Market, some generic blurb about lack of confidence post Covid, investment can go up and down then stated “Cannot offer advice contact a financial advisor”

OK, question about UK Benefits and Pensions, again some general blurb about payments based on NI payments etc, then stated “Cannot offer advice contact Department of Work and Pensions”

Lets try health, typed in a hypothetical disease, some general blurb about what disease is then stated “Cannot offer advice contact a physician”

Next onto my job, asked a technical question and the reply wasn't based on fact but opinion, I told it I want facts and not opinion and it got into a strop, continued back and forth until it said “It appears I can’t help you and disconnected.

So, it tells you what a quick Google can tell you in a couple of minutes and then refers you to a specialist, or offers opinions instead of facts and spits the dummy is pressed on such. Overall can’t see what all the fuss is about.

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I started to sign up to try it out but when it wanted my phone I dropped it, I'm happy to give it a burner email, but if they need to 2 factor identify with a phone - not for me...

And then I learnt that Bing now has Chat GPT,  so I've started to use is, and in some respects it's better than Google.


I'm sure Google uses AI and wont tell us, until it makes sense, to raise the stock price.

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I've used it quite a bit for an amateur sports club I volunteer at


Can do amazing letters


It's known to lie though and it's memory was limited up to Nov 2022


Used it for a legal doc which I ran past a laywer and it was good.


The difference between this and a Google search is most people want to be told what's right


A google search you need to be smart to know what's the right answer that your given


chatGPT tells you this is the right answer


Even when it's not

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7 hours ago, Coss said:

I started to sign up to try it out but when it wanted my phone I dropped it, I'm happy to give it a burner email, but if they need to 2 factor identify with a phone - not for me...

And that is the reason why I have a PAYG SIM card in an old handset, along with an online pre paid Credit Card with about 10 THB on it for those sites which require CC details.

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Just rechecked what it said about Stock Exchange of Thailand

”To get the latest updates on the current situation of the Thai stock market, you may want to consult financial news sources or market analysis reports.”

In other words “Google It”

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It's great of it's not used as a search engine, rather as a tool to write with


Also up till recently it would admit it was using information only given to it up till November 2022


No idea if it's been updated


but it's not a.search engine


Try asking it to write something about the Thai Stock Exchange


"What are the dangers of investing through the Thai Stock exchange that are unique to Thailand"


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Thai Stock Exchange Risks.




What are the unique to Thailand dangers of investing in the Thai Stock Exchange


As an AI language model, I don't provide financial advice or investment recommendations. However, I can provide some general information about the Thai Stock Exchange.


Investing in the Thai Stock Exchange can be similar to investing in other stock markets in the world, but there are some unique risks and challenges that investors should be aware of, such as:


Political instability: Thailand has a history of political instability, with several coups and protests taking place in the country. These events can impact the stock market and lead to volatility in stock prices.


Foreign ownership restrictions: Some industries in Thailand have restrictions on foreign ownership, which can limit the investment opportunities for foreign investors.


Currency risk: The value of the Thai Baht can fluctuate against other currencies, which can impact the value of investments made in Thai stocks.


Regulatory risks: Thailand's regulations and laws regarding investment and securities can be complex and may change, which can impact investors' ability to invest and their returns.


Liquidity risk: Some stocks on the Thai Stock Exchange may have lower trading volumes, which can make it difficult to buy or sell them at a desired price.


It is important for investors to conduct their own research and due diligence before investing in the Thai Stock Exchange or any other stock market. They should also consult with a financial advisor or professional to determine if the investment is appropriate for their individual goals and risk tolerance.


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So basically it told you the same as me, Fuck All, all it answered is what anybody with half a brain would know anyway or would be able to ascertain via a quick search using search engine of choice. Then it tells me to consult a financial advisor, well gee wiz thanks for that insight, here was I considering consulting my Condo's security guard for financial advice, too recommendation to consult a financial advisor.

You stated it was good at writing “Legal Letters” which I question. It may be able to write simple generic letters for people who are not used to writing such, but it can’t write legal letters. As Project Manager on previous project I was writing such daily about the contract and breaches there of by the Contractor.

I asked Chat GPT to write me a letter based upon a specific contract breach and it couldn’t because it did not know the specific contract. Most contracts are subject to Non Disclosure Agreement so there is no way that an AI chatbot would know of contents unless someone breached the NDA and posted on the WWW. Yet again another failure of Chat GPT.


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