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  1. Like BB, It was probably 2000 or 2001 when I met the great man, amongst other great names back at Woodstock and later Gullibles. What a nice bloke - only the good die young right. I thought he was younger than me (he certainly looked it!) - thought with the family and all that stuff, hope they are doing ok. A true gent, on and off the board. RIP
  2. Fair enough - I read the above as such - to me it was implied. It came across that way to me. Regarding the TikTok numbers - I simply looked at his video numbers the same as anybody can. I did not see a video above 1 million views. Around 750k was the top - not my figures at all - the figures are there to see plain and simple. Agree there are plenty of attention whores out there, but this guy is hardly making a living off it. My $1 per hour estimate I think is accurate. The way I see it his "content" is simply trying to raise money for more helmets - not to make a living off. Personally I would rather see someone do something like this if they are genuine, than someone not do it at all... if that makes sense.
  3. Anyone else flabbergasted? They are usually so squeaky clean!
  4. Yeah fuck that guy for making a few dollars whilst doing a good deed or two. You tell him mate. For ref - he has less followers on YT and Facebook than I do, and I make 0 dollars on those platforms. Regarding those TikTok numbers - $40 per million clicks you say? One video has 750k views, a few have 20-50k, most have 2k or around there, or under. Whilst I have no idea how TikTok pays out, that $50 or whatever it works out to be would work out to less than a dollar per hour going by how much content he has put out there - never mind the cost of whatever he uses to create it (granted - could be a mobile phone that he would own anyway). He also has a website that sells "digital art" - it looks pretty good, well, different anyway. Most of his art pieces on that site don't have a lot of "views" (under 20) but sell for $150 from memory. No way of telling how many of them he has sold. But yeah - greedy bugger.. fuck him for having a go hey - hope he gets deported and nobody gets free helmets anymore... sigh
  5. Agree discord is hardly regulated at all other than by the person/people who own the specific server. I use it a bit for gaming and some of the shit that is out there on discord is just sick.
  6. Great work jigger - that solved it for me! Hi5
  7. Thanks Coss - does not really bother me as I have been coming to the site for decades. It may potentially deter new people though, and inadvertently revenue as a result.
  8. Chrome here, generally incognito mode if that makes a difference.
  9. I have been getting the same warning for some time - over a year - or whenever I started browsing semi regularly again. Both at home and via laptop when travelling.
  10. Yep - envelope top right next to profile name shows messaged from at least 12 years ago. I'm sure I've sent/received more prior to that but maybe back then I was more vigilant about deleting old ones.
  11. I think the line is - when a kiwi immigrates to Australia the average IQ gets raised in both countries... ie although the immigrant may be of lower IQ in NZland, (by leaving they are raising the average IQ) they are still of higher IQ than the average Aussie - hence raising the average over here... quite a clever gag... coming from an Aussie
  12. Hippy! Am I going crazy or have you made a recent comeback? One of the legendary characters I never had the pleasure to catch up with.... hope you are well! Agree on the Eden assessment - never partook but enjoyed a few beers over the road about 20 years ago - it never looked like my cup of tea, though recognise some loved it.
  13. As am I - in fact that lens (or very similar) I purchased on my last LOS trip - oh so long ago... made me look!
  14. Yeah maybe - more congestion may increase the chance of someone knowing someone else. Makes sense. Most offences like that are reported by the media so fairly easy for one inmate to spot a paedo etc without a lot of doubt. So "those types" were put into their own accommodation units, areas and there are even prisons set up for specifically that demographic. "Segregation" down here was total isolation. Ideally not done for long periods of time unless absolutely necessary - I saw a few go mad because of it. Humans not interacting with other humans is not good for the mind.
  15. In the system I worked - paedophiles definitely went to protection - women killers and rapists not all the time but it does happen probably more than half the time.
  16. Nope - met plenty of board members in Melbourne (and LOS) over the years but never Sydney - although now I seem to spend a lot of time Sydneyside - generally work related.
  17. Although out of it now, I spent a decent decade and a half working in the (male) prison system down here. This goes on a bit - and it's always women killers that want it. One has been trying for close to 20 years - and is still in a male jail, so that's something. For lack of a medical diagnosis - they are just fucked. Pure and simple. Luckily the powers that be are scared to make big decisions, or more so - scared of the consequences should they approve such a transition.
  18. Those gatherings on a Friday Night were always a good laugh and a great place to exchange stories, tips and laughs - met some absolute legends over the years. I also started in 2000. The corner bar on the 1st floor (2nd to our American friends) - Woodstock? Or was that elsewhere - For some reason I remember it did Mexican food? Then it changed to Gulliver's on Soi 7(?) and then somewhere in Cowboy. The other bar on the same floor of Nana did 100 baht all you could drink Changs, or 30B if you just wanted a couple. American owner IIRC. Great spot watching people coming and going. Still in touch with most of the original London Contingent via social media, and hopefully be able to catch up for a few frothies in a better place at some stage soon!
  19. That is some sharp camera work, is that you doing the video flash?
  20. Flat Earth believers have members all over the globe!
  21. It's an easy yes from me ...
  22. Am positive he had a passport to get in (assuming it's the same guy I'm thinking of) - but it was near 20 years ago and he may have lost it at some stage. Hoping he has some kind of support back home as the lifestyle I remember him living (granted - it was a long time ago) will be a bit different to the UK.
  23. That was often making the news back when I was living in the UK - 2000-2004. Dreadful stuff.
  24. Who was the guy years ago (like 15+ years ago) who used to frequent Chumpon? Came across as a really nice bloke, and I *think* we wither met a couple of times, or just missed out... in any case - looks a great spot!
  25. Was lucky enough to meet the great man, but only the once - a long long time ago when he was looking forward to the big move - a true gent. Rest In Peace.
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