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  1. Just shows those silly democrats are far better businessmen than Trumo
  2. Well, to be fair stimulus by employing people to do this, also they want to make the place look better to get more tourists faster, I don't think a bad idea,
  3. I saw this, it seemed like it was going to be interesting, to be honest my wife put it on thinking it was a horror movie going on title alone The beginning was good/interesting but after that disappeared up it's own arse, The woman was a stupid cow by the way, the mother a bitch, and not sure why the husband was painted the bad guy, he was living with bitches, a train ticket from the mum would have gotten me out of that pain
  4. Ironically in Indonesia all the places Thais mark up for the farangs, in Indonesia, it's the same very cheap local price and very clearly written. In KL once with an older mate, we went to some very high tower. Wife and I paid full local prices. Malaysian girl at counter Askey mate how old he was, 61 he told her, Oh, you get in for free as a senior person. You'd never see that in Thailand
  5. But but but we all live the king, at least that's what expats told me for 20 years
  6. Bat Flavoured Ice Cream
  7. It's ineresting a lot of the blockchain technology dats back to the early 70's - I think first patent by IBM Agree there needs to be a international currency, independent of the USD, however most international trade including with China is in USD I'd be very happy for a single currency for the reasons you mention Just not a speculative currency as that does not remove the issue facing Ethiopia
  8. I'm getting confustigated Can I go to the doctor or not
  9. Quote from that link below It's a intersting read on I had heard of before But I was thinking when I first clicked that Oz doesn't have a national dish, and the link says "Vegemite on Toast" and well, yeah, lots of kids from migrant families love it. So I guess that's a yes Chinese food grew up on I thought, until we went overseas and had real Chinese food, yeark! Where is my Chicken Chow Mein and Chicken and Almonds?? Now there is a revival of "Australian Chinese Food" amongst older Aussies who want the Chinese take away they had as
  10. Oddly British love spicy Indian food an dvery hot mustard, given how bland their regular diet is
  11. Why would Cav change his mind, Social Media is an echo chamber, we only like what is the same as we like, no one changes their minds, Steve you won't change yours. Politics and even morals are subjective and are defined by people. Why would Cav think that for example censoring Trump is bad? Most of us agree Trump is an arsehole and should be in prison, but we won't convince anyone else of that, Look at the percentage of people/states that change their votes, it's not big. It's not a landslide. Political parties I know, speaking from experience, u
  12. Oz $ also way up Oddly though I remember during the Asian Financial Crash that bar fines went up, logic being they needed more money
  13. I like Cav's video guy, he's good entertainment
  14. Around the peak of exchange rates, I think 2000/2002? Beer could be had for 60 baht, which was around $1, That was a pretty good time depending where you drank, Even in Cowboy it was very cheap Cowboy is now more expensive than drinking in Oz
  15. Cav whats the satellite image? All I see is I.P addresses, not sure what that means
  16. Ahhh! I didn't think you was an idiot
  17. What copper cable is still being used all over oceans? It's all optic since last century, What does happen is tapping of the cables, getting harder I agree hacking is often not tracked, lots of bullshit there, along with cameras in space being able to photograph your number plate
  18. Similar to Cav on Banks, Australia always seems to give 12-24 hours notice of a lockdown, so that everyone infectious can get out, buy stuff, do what they need to do, in crowds. Then lockdown and see who caught COVID
  19. I hate Trump, I hate the Republicans who enabled him to gain power, interesting they desert him only because they fear loosing power, no morals there at all That turd that let the people into congress is a cunt The rioters are cunts That all said, taking a step back, if Trump was a person far left of Bernie Sander,s which ironically in reality not that hard, and the same things happened to his accounts, and as a far leftist I am not against a call to arms, and if his media access cut off, then I am sure the outcry would be very different I don't
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