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What's your favourite cheese?


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[edit - oops - was actually in reply to Limbo's post]


it's called geitost, very nice if a bit sickly in large quantities


more info below (from www.cheese.com)

Cheese Description:





Norway's national cheese, Geitost (pronounced "Yay-Toast") is a farmhouse and creamery, semi-hard cheese. It was originally made entirely from goats milk, but is now more often made with a blend of goats and cows milk. There is a classification based on different propotions of cow and goat cheese in Geitost. This cheese has a sweetish, caramel-like taste and is dark brown in color. Geitost is a non-perishable dessert cheese that must be sliced paper-thin and placed on Norwegian flat bread. Norwegian children eat Geitost for breakfast. It is made from the liquid whey instead of the curd. There is no ripening period. This results in a sweet, fishy, caramel flavor that is really irresistible. Some sources spell this cheese's name as Gjetost.




cow and goat milk





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errrr, no - it's just initials, nothing to do with ice (if that was your train of thought)


and I'm not Norwegian either ... just a smartass who spent a little time on a job with Norwegian clients, hence the memories of the cheese. Never got to try lutefisk, though (fortunately/unfortunately!)

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A camembert that starts running of the plate.


Have you ever tried Maroilles (from french nort-east/Picardie region, city of Maroilles, actually) . Kind of what durian is to Thailand, smelly outside, but not so offensive and soft and creamy inside.

i am not a true frenchman when it comes to cheese. Afraid that Brie is it for me, though I like a good Munster too.

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Just had a very decent "cheese of Denmark" - arla blue cheese. Bought it at Tops supermarket (100 Baht / 100g)

I think those who like the French Roquefort will enjoy this one as well. Maybe not as good but a nice (and cheaper) alternative. :up:

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Seeing it's Xmas and all..I'll share the news...


Heard rumours that a small relatively unknown factory has produced a real winner & has really hit the big time...


Nazareth Cheese Factory


Just look around your local Deli and ask for........



Cheeses of Nazareth




Merry Xmas

Cheers DS :grinyes::xmsgrin::xmascheer:xmascheer:beer::xmascheer:xmascheer:xmsgrin::grinyes:

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