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What's your favourite cheese?


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Why bother. Just eat around the holes and leave them on the plate.


Damn, i could have come to this by myself, but some times i a true blockhead. :banghead::clown:


Thank you Sir. :bow: :bow: :neener:



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Says limbo:

You're not French by any chance, are you? Coming up with the lapin menu et un connaiseur de fromage francais.


no, i am not; just a coincidence! speak some french though and like french cuisine, which will be on my personal blacklist for the next couple of weeks :banghead: why did i open this food forum :banghead: on diet but hungry :banghead:

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It was meant to be a joke, Brink. :)


Oops. :o


But, thank you for that bit of product dissection. ::


Glad to be of some assistance. :neener:


Although, everyone knows if you go out for the best Philly Cheesesteak in the world (Pat's or Geno's), you will have, in fact, ingested several dollops of Cheese Whiz.



I must be unAmerican because I was sorely disappointed when I tried one of Pat's years ago.


Processed cheese is not real cheese, I guess, but have you ever had a good grilled cheese with camembert?


No but I've had a few great ones made with real aged cheddar. :grinyes:

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Quite fond of hard cheeses, although I must admit that I have not tried that many different ones. The one I eat most is Gouda (belegen), but Cheddar isn't too bad either.


Not too fond of the soft cheeses, do not like Brie at all.


Speaking of cheese, I noticed that Carre Four (Ratchada) had quite a bit of different cheeses for sale. At outrageous prices though (saw some Gouda, 80 Baht for a small piece, less than 100gr).




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