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Software you can't do without

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1) I'm with AVG, used it for over a year now, no probs. There is a free online scan you can do at Trendmicro:




2) Kerio presonal firewall, wouldn't connect without it.


3) WinMX number one P2P system (with no spyware)


4) Spybot and Ad-aware - getting the nasties off my machine


5) Diskkeeper - far better than Windows defrag, and at a fraction of the time


6) Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks - couldn't pay the bill without these ones ::


7) Musicmatch jukebox - keeping my MP3 organized


8) Thaisoft Dictionary 4 - the one that talks back!


9) ICQ, Messenger - keeping in touch


10) Getright - don't get to 95% of a download and have to re-start when the connection fails.

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"1. Mozilla/FireBird

Yes, Internet Explorer (IE) is nice -- but IMHO for a "power surfer" there is no way back when you're used to tabbed browsing in Mozilla. Feels a lot quicker than IE too. No need for external pop-up blockers since this is nicely integrated in Mozilla."

Couldn't agree more. I love Mozilla, beats IE hands down.





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Good thread. Any recommendations for a free screen capture utility? One that you can easily add text to a capture. Also any good spell check programs. I'm running WinXP.

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Surprised nobody mentioned MailWasher yet. I love this program.
I think its a great program for sorting out the junk mails as well, I have been using it since you recommended it in a post around a year ago, :up:

I just installed the new free version of MailWasher Pro, worth to do as the email headers come up instantly as you scroll over them without having to click on them like in the old version, so you can sort through the mails you want to delete much more quicker. Also worth to note for anyone installing the new version it automatically installs your black list from the old one without you having to do anything, After installing the new version you can then uninstall the old one,

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You don't need any software to make a screen capture in Windows XP. Simply press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, and the screen capture is copied to your clipboard. Simply paste it in a photo editor as a new picture. add some text, and you're done.


Alternatively, by using alt + printscreen you get a capture of the active window.


As for spell checkers, I can''t really be bothered with that. Pom kikiad mak maaahk!





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Right now I cannot do without Mail.app, Safari, IPhoto, ITunes, Fire, Virtual PC ( ;-) ) and on Unix ie. where my email arrives at my ISPs machine I cannot do without procmail as this is what kicks off all email filtering even before my own computer sees the mail.

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>>> In the last year, II had three different viruses in my mail, and all of these viruses were brand new<<<


Well I suppose we have to allow them a bit of time to find out what it is, what it does and how to cure it. But yes it is annoying that the AV companies are not psychic :grinyes:


>>>I also see that you use Fresh software. I had some of it as well, but they send you so many emails I crossed them of my list<<<


Not sure what they used to send, but now it is only 1 per week (max I think) which aint bad for a 1/2 decent piece of free software, i think.


All valid points though... :up:

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For quality screen captures try Mr. Captor 2.3. This program is fantastic and even snatches scrollable screens. I used it to capture the bahtbus.com maps in vertical bands and then stitched the resulting BMP images together using Panavue Image Assembler (another great program). I?m sure there are better ways to do this kind of thing, but this method worked and with excellent results. Free trial versions can be downloaded for both.

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