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Where are they now


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"Rules" I explained them:

- The ladies are freelancers (even if some are BG/MP girls)

so you never know what you gonna get and u.


- You can never know if they are honest or not, so be cautious.

(put everything in your in room safe without letting her see the code)


- Always discuss the price prior to take her.


- be weary of ladyboys...


But those rules are not specific to nana disco IMO.

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Yes, it is - its called 'Angels Disco', but the earlier discussion is from 2006 - back then, the entrance was from the Nana lobby. I refuse to walk through that bar area given the hideous gargoyles stationed there, and I have no interest in a disco (how very 80s..) with a cover charge for guys and the same freelancers I can pick up in the carpark.

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And the rule that Drogon Forgot to mention, since he forgot the actual rule.




i actually like finding a lady and falling head over heels in love(or could it be lust?).

spending a few days with a lady and getting to know her brings better rewards IMO but i know it's just for the duration of my visit and not really a problem.

i can't be bothered with walking around for hours trawling the bars and hearing the same old bullshit from the ladies i've heard a hundred times before.

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