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Where are they now


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Hi Folks:


It been about six years since I have been in Thailand. I am planning a trip for next year. I would like to know if some of the establishment, I visited are still around and are they still catering to are needs.


1.Angels Disco in Nana

2.Outside bar at Nana I believe it was called the Golden Bear

3. Soi 7 beer garden

4. Number of bars at Washington Square

5. Daling Massage-I think that how you spell it.

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Yes, all fine institutions, and all still there! ASngeles Now charges some stupidly rediculis cover charge, and has "rules." Golden is still about the same...Soi 7 remodeled, but is still the same, probably has the same girls working there... :) Washington Square remains in a time warp, I love that about WS...Darling is still there, but I haven't been in in ages.



Clintyon Plaza is gone, as is Asoke plaza and Soi 10, we all miss them. Soi o (Buckskinner Joes) is I think gone also. Enjoy your trip, we look foreward to your report.

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shygye said:

OH, if it has been 6 years since his last visit, CEP, Asoke plaza, and soi 10 did not exist.


Clinton Plaza Opened in November 1998, in June 1999 the sign went up with the Name Clinton Entertainment Plaza.


The Last Go-Go to close its doors was Monicas 31 March 2003, whilst the Living Room Soldiered on until 7th July before finally succuming.

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After TLR G-Man was involved in the Bar above Raja Hotel, the name of which slips my mind now, next to Megabreaks it had a Shuffleboard table and a Mechanical Bull in there.


Last time I saw him was over 2 years ago and he was talking about opening a bar down in Phukhet at the time and I have not seen or heard from him since then.

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In May I took 3 newbies to angel disco, we have a drink and I explain a bit how it works when suddendly I feel some hands trying to massage my neck.


I turn and prepare myself to gently say "no I am not interested"

and I see.......a lady I spent a few exciting nights with 2 years ago.

Of course she did not forget me too.

This sort of thing happens to me everytime in soi 33 but I did not expect someone from another "naughty place" to remember me.

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