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Better NOT Say It Was Faked in Germany


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In response to all,

Zuendel definitely deserves to go to jail because he is a very aggressive right wing radical, right wing in Germany is really bad, people who listen to guys like Zuendel are Neo Nazis. However, he is denying the holocaust which is the biggest part of German history, I find it okay that people get jail time for denying it in public! You can basically say everything in Germany you want but this one thing you can't and if radicals like Zuendel mean to provoke then it is just okay that they silence him. In Germany you are made very concious about the holocaust in school already, to be honest, I find it a bad thing but it also happnend 26 years before I was born and it is over for 60 years now! Still some people think it is appropriate to consider Germany a war country, it is especially funny when it comes from GB or the USA :). Germany was and is still paying a high price for it's past, a past that I accept to be true but also a part I have nothing to do with, whoever tries to label me as a warlord or a nazi or an antisemitic person has a problem! It is okay not to forget the mistakes but it is also time to give it a rest!

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It's all getting kind of f**ked up.


I mean, if the guy is a nut... and he obviously is, why would anyone other than other nutters listen to him?


There was talk not too long ago of making accusations that the US govt. had a hand in 9/11 a "hate crime".


For many Americans 9/11 is comparable to the Holocaust.


Does this mean that people should be jailed for suggesting the government had a part in it?

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