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On similar lines, but this is true.   MLG wants to send a small parcel to the USA from NZ. OK Wrap it and we're off to the post office. Post it in Mid December. No tracking, too expensive.   After

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on loan to United euph. Up
on blocks, fallen to the communists,
on the blob, riding
the menstrual cycle, on tow,
packing string, chasing the
cotton mouse, dropping clots,
smoking short cigars, boiling
beetroots, shooting jam, playing
Arsenal at home.

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The most popular terms in the world are:

There are communists in the funhouse – Denmark

The English have landed – France

Mad cow disease – Finland

Granny’s stuck in traffic – South Africa

I’m with Chico – Brazil

Little sister has come – China

The cranberry woman is coming – Germany

Birthing a blood diamond – no known origin, but brilliant nonetheless

Granny's stuck in traffic is 100% my new fave

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