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Warning to everyone, HIV test came back positive...


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Hey folks, hows things? Just saw this thread the other day, its nice to see people still come back to this thread. Well, still alive, :up::beer:


I have stopped posting on most forums these days, I did'nt stop posting due to the diagnosis or anything, it was just coincidence. Just was finding that my productivity levels were fallen through the floor and been working online a lot, so needed to focus, without logging into a forum every 5 minutes, as fun as it is.


As MM said 3 years since that last post, could'nt help laughing at Chelseafans reply, very funny, but the sentiment is appreciated, I know the NHS are slow with results, but they aren't that bad yet,haha.


Well,I have to say I must be one of the luckiest people to have this virus. I could never have hoped or imagined that things would work out as they are doing.


I m going to the doctor once every 6 months now. The virus has been undetectable since day one, and they have tried all the assays, the supposedly more sensitive ones, however, no sign of the virus in my blood anyway. Also my CD4 were at the lowest one the very first tests, 3 years ago in August around 840. Since that, about 7 tests they have been between 950-1150,which the upper limit of where they can go. The docs have talked about non-progression status which is a 0.7% chance of being if you have the virus.

They said could be down to viral fitness, strain, the host...I like to think it is the host :D Joking aside, I have to say I am very lucky. Five years now with it almost, if I can get into the 5th year with the same results, then I ll be classed as long term non progressive, so fingers crossed. Thats why I only have to go once every six months.


Apart from that, nothing much has changed, it is a bit shit when it comes to relationships,it is not exactly first date material, " hey just before you finish your dessert there, I hope you don't mind sleeping with an HIV person",,,haha, you know what I mean, although in saying that I did go out with a Thai student girl for a while, who accepted it, sexual side and all, and even came to a doc in Bumrungrad with me. It seems to be more UK birds have a problem, well the grand total of one that I told, so not many stats to go on there.


All in all cannot complain and to be honest it doesn't really take up too much time in my mind. Reading back on this, it is good to see others have since gone and got tested when worried and there was no problems, its probably the worse type of dread feeling wondering and going for the test especially if you have a reason to be scared. When I m in Bangkok I still venture into the choice spots as a spectator, and its still good fun. Hope to be out after Christmas for a good long period, so anyone wants a beer let me know. Cheers, Chris


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Thanks for your post jay. Also, thanks for sharing. I've had the 'wait scare' as well. Was dating a cute little number in LA last winter and had a bad cold a couple days after sex (unprotected) and I got scared.


In the first week of May I went with a girl from Carousel/Carnival (whatever it's called) on the 3rd floor of Nana. Got dragged there and don't even like it that much, but damn this girl did it for me.


Anyway, she wanted to hook up a second night. Sure. No problem. So there's foreplay and I've got the condoms right there on the nightstand and bam, this girl is mounting me bareback. No, I did not resist, but was a bit surprised as she was definitely a pro.


Anyway, it weighed on me the next day. Got a bad cold a couple days later and I start to worry, start to google. Even though most literature indicated female to male transmission during vaginal intercourse is rare, I still worried. Got tested - it's OK. But then I read some post somewhere where a guy says it takes three months to germinate and you have to be tested then to be sure. I don't know how much credence this has or if there's any truth to it -- but I'm going to get tested again first week of August, just because i don't like having that doubt at the back of the mind.


I don't know what the moral is. Won't be barebacking any pros anytime soon.


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