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January 15th


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I actually made it but did not see any familiar faces (this was January 8th, right after the downpour) so I sat alone at the bar watching dueling cricket matches on the tubes... made up for it by barfining a dekserve in a Nanaplaza haunt a few hours later.... :surprised::beer: One question, where do you guys generally assemble up? There was a bar area, a room downstairs in the back, an upstairs room and a porch out front...

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Right. As Cavanami already pointed out, we meet on the first floor (second floor for Americans :) ).

KS, that's not very friendly. :nono: I really think it would be better if everyone met on the same floor. ;)


A bit more space and often a bit quieter (unless CTO is around :) ).

Why, is he a noisy chap? :dunno:

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