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Cent's Starbeam Restaurant in Surin url link

Central Scrutinizer

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Not quite..."grasshopper"...


I live here....and still manage to "get lost"...several times a week


One night I didn't find my way home till mid morning next day...


You know what it's like...all those Asian streets look the same...lol


We'll guide ya....5555

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I'd suggest putting a map on the restaurant site.

Like some, I'm good at getting lost in cities.


I'm letting my condo owner stay in his place for a two weeks; good for me as I get reimbursed for the time he's there and he wins by not having to rent a hotel room. I'll use the time to bike to Ubon then zigzag exploring north to Nakhon Phanom.


I will make it a point to spend a night in Surin and visit your restaurant. We met once, 6-7 years ago, when you and your wife were at a Nanaplaza meeting at Gullivers. Now, I'm sure I could pick you out of a crowd of two people :)










Have a map on the 'About Us' page here: http://www.starbeam-restaurant.com/about.php


Would be great to see you up here. It has been a long time since we last met. Let me know when it gets time for you to go on your trip and I'll suggest a couple hotels you can use here. Good places fairly cheap (or really cheap if you want).


Quite a few cool places to visit around here if you are into that stuff (Tasawan Silk Village, temples, ruins, silversmith village, etc. etc. Some decent nightlife for the boonies as well.


Come on up.



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Cent and other Suriners,


I will be in Surin in August for a month. My wife's family has a couple of homes there and we will be visiting. I am looking for a tailor or dressmaker

This is what I need.


http://www.kismeta.com/diGrasse/Costume/07%2 0-%20k...


I have detailed patterns and the material. Do any of you chaps know of any that would do this for the 100USD range?

Thanks Mates











Should be possible. I have had 'costumes' made for my daughter of the Thai old style dresses and such. If you bring the patterns and details (and a good pic of what you want made) I can show you a couple good tailors/seamstresses to fly this by.


See you in August? Wait, I'll be gone most of July and the first week of August to visit my grandkids and kids/family in the states. So second week of August. But if I am not around just come by the restuarant and speak with my wife and sis-in-law. They'll know who to try this with.



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I'd suggest putting a map on the restaurant site.

Now' date=' I'm sure I could pick you out of a crowd of two people :) [/quote']


Have a map on the 'About Us' page here:




Today, I enrolled in a week-long course which may teach me 'how to scroll down'...and view a whole site page. The course likely won't help my posting haste and lack of proofreading, otherwise I might have correctly indicated 'I _couldn't_ pick you out of a crowed of two people'. Not a prob though...;-)

I should be dining at the Starbeam within 2-weeks...





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Thank you Cent,


I am going to take you up on this. We will arrive about August1-2 and leave Surin August 25th so I'll be around. As you suggested, I already have plenty of pics. If your friend can do Thai garb from scratch, then this should not be a problem.


Thanks again friend,


Looking forward to the Boston meatloaf.

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"...I am 17th Century Polish husar..."



Reminds me of an old joke...a Polish officer picks up a hooker, she stays the night, and in the morning, the officer gets dressed in his uniform and starts to leave...the hooker says "...hey what about money...?" The guy looks at her, stands straight and tall and proudly states "A polics officer NEVER accepts money..."

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