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Cent's Starbeam Restaurant in Surin url link

Central Scrutinizer

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Be careful and control your temper (and mouth). Some of those guys will not appreciate any crap from a farang.

I know but I managed to stare 2 out of a restaurant already :p


Basically it was the day after the 10th of April riots. It is 2 in the morning. I came back from comedy and went to my favourite Isaan place to eat sticky rice with bbq beef. Everything was fine, the usual crowd was there (the owners dislike the reds as much as I do) untill 2 very boastful reds came in. They were making as much noise as the rest of the crowd put together and were acting like they owned the place. Me, I couldnt keep my mouth shut and pronounced in Thai at a volumelevel that made sure everyone heard it ..... give me the bill please I just lost my appetite over a couple of noisy red waterbuffaloos. Off course they were triggered immediately and came over to shout at me. I just stood up and stared at them with all anger and hatred out of my eyes I could muster. Luckily I lost a lot of weight and I was wearing my black suit. You cannot really make out than that I am a fat bugger. I might as well be reasonably muscled. Anyway the staring did the trick. After some time they retreated and said that the restaurant stank after foreigners and left. I got my meal for free that evening and some people smiled at me. No overt support, but no one intervened on the reds behalf either .... I was lucky I guess pulling that of in an Isaan restaurant.


Which is why I think it is healthier for me to go in retreat in elsewhere ;)



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I serve straight cut 10 mm french fries, not the shoestring MickeyD's fries, nor the 'crinkle cut' fries. :content:





As an authority on sliced and fried Potato aka "The Chip" I can confirm that 10 mm does fall into the catagory of "Chip"


Definition of "Chip Size" is between 9.5-13 mm (⅜ and ½ inches) square in cross-section.

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Tonight (Saturday) we are having an 'Open Mic Music Night'. If you are in Surin at the moment come around and check it out. Always fun. (Relevent as a part of the nightlife in Isaan :content:) 5555




Cent, it's obvious that you don't get out much...


There is no "Fun" in Surin anymore...Fun used to be fun, but alas there is no more fun to be had at Fun....Fun is mot lau...


Only upside is that a few "Virgins" are now exposing more body parts.....as in mamalian protruberances....as Frank called them..


Great open Mic last nyt..... The guy with the scar on his face had a fantastic voice... :grinyes::neener::stirthepo:stirthepo:neener::grinyes:


Sorry I was late getting there, I got caught up watching the locals at Muay Thai practice :susel::susel:


Cheers DS

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Cent and other Suriners,


I will be in Surin in August for a month. My wife's family has a couple of homes there and we will be visiting. I am looking for a tailor or dressmaker

This is what I need.


http://www.kismeta.com/diGrasse/Costume/07%2 0-%20k...


I have detailed patterns and the material. Do any of you chaps know of any that would do this for the 100USD range?

Thanks Mates



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Thanks for letting me know. Let's try this.



This is for historical re-enactments and I am 17th Century Polish husar. It's very expensive to get these garments made over here so I am just seeing what I can come up with. Worse comes to worse, I will bring my pattern and material and have my sis in law drive me to all the dressmakers.

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