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Cent's Starbeam Restaurant in Surin url link

Central Scrutinizer

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Cent and other Suriners,


I will be in Surin in August for a month. My wife's family has a couple of homes there and we will be visiting. I am looking for a tailor or dressmaker

This is what I need.


http://www.kismeta.com/diGrasse/Costume/07%2 0-%20k...


I have detailed patterns and the material. Do any of you chaps know of any that would do this for the 100USD range?

Thanks Mates



My friend's wife, in Pattaya, she is an excellent tailor (tailoress?). She makes custom shirt and can do about anything with cloth!


Very, very well priced.


PM me if you can get to Pattaya. My friend often is in the Shamrock Pub near walking street, so easy to meet up.

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Great website. I like how you named it after your child. Good looking menu and decent prices. My wife (Surinese) said, "199 for pizza, that's expensive." I said,"how 'bout the place on the corner here that charges $12 plus tax for a medium cheese pizza?"


Are you near the Victory Monument with the elephant statures. We live on Tessaban 4 near the airbase and big Wat. We will be there in August for about a month and spend some time there. So, where da white wimen at?


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I'd suggest putting a map on the restaurant site.

Like some, I'm good at getting lost in cities.


I'm letting my condo owner stay in his place for a two weeks; good for me as I get reimbursed for the time he's there and he wins by not having to rent a hotel room. I'll use the time to bike to Ubon then zigzag exploring north to Nakhon Phanom.


I will make it a point to spend a night in Surin and visit your restaurant. We met once, 6-7 years ago, when you and your wife were at a Nanaplaza meeting at Gullivers. Now, I'm sure I could pick you out of a crowd of two people :)

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For a Surin newbie like me -> there are really no chances to get lost in this 'city' I think (at least in the center)


From the maps I saw, the 3-4 farang restaurants, train station, bus station, main hotels are all concentrated in a small area

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