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Cent's Starbeam Restaurant in Surin url link

Central Scrutinizer

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Because when he got off the Bus I was waiting for him (just around the corner) & we stopped off for 1 beer and for me to "Check Bin"


...Then he was "attacked" by a puying suay.....


and next day you were closed...and did not answer your phone..... Did not persue it cos I remember your words to me on the previous Sunday .....


...and next morning....he vanished....back to Bkk

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Thanks, I enjoyed the visit, however...


Apparently either your Net connection must be running extremely slow or possibly you're just bored being back in Mass:


My Surin stopover and trip around Issan took place 3-months ago, during last May :D



Rookie,It was great to see you on your Surin stops on your trip of the area. Good to chat over a few beers. See you next time around. Cent


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