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Would you work in China ?


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Not sure how many Australians would be willing to commit to the hours many Chinese work, but this is interesting nonetheless. A programmer with extensive Java/C++ experience in the real world would be well into his/her 30s by now, and worth a hefty salary right here in Oz - these guys are probably dangling the carrot to Chinese-Australians who want to go back. It would be interesting to see what the hourly rate equates to in Oz dollars :)


Software Developer | China | Global Financial Services Company


* Large Multi-National Company

* Career Development

* Very Attractive Salary package


Don't miss an exciting opportunity to move to China and work with a world leading financial services firm who is a market leader in securities, asset management and credit services. Multiple positions available in Shanghai or Beijing. Both Java and C++ developer's are required!



You have the potential to be involved in the design and development of a global trading platform for one of the world's leading financial services companies! This includes systems for real-time order routing, order management and order execution, across the equity and fixed income business.




Skills in demand include:


* Experienced hands-on in Java development

* Expert skills in C++ development on Linux

* Experience in Linux shell scripting, Perl or Python etc

* Concurrent programming in multithreaded, distributed environments

* Structured data; relational databases (schema design, SQL queries, Sybase/DB2) and XML

* Strong OOA/OOD knowledge.

* Developing experience in UNIX/LINUX or Windows environment

* Logical reasoning and problem-solving skills

* Clear written and verbal communications in English


Chinese Residents/Citizens looking to return home or Australian Residents/Citizens looking for an exciting opportunity overseas should apply!


E-mail qld@candle.com.au or contact Michael Whelan on 07 32176966 to discuss this fantastic opportunity

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Sir ,


I have spent a considerable part of my commercial life travelling through China and I do not like it though I got to know some nice people I must say . And I keep on going .


Tastes are differnet , there are people who love it . I would only go there for permanent work if I had a contract in my pocket which :


- says when the deal expires

- the salary is huuuuuge

- vacation periods are clearly shown on page 1

- if I did not have anything better


Neither would I move to Thailand although it is great there


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I also think the tone of the ad (multiple positions available) points to some sort of ambitious startup - that would mean long hours anywhere in the world. I guess some would view it as a positive - minimal legacy code and you would be in on the ground floor - OK for a young guy who wanted something new and different, just not sure how much of China they would see beyond a cubicle and a project managers office.

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The times that I have lived and worked in China, was quite busy and little time to sightsee but I was on a 1 ~ 3 month visa, so I had to make the time there count!

Long term, could have gotten out much more.


For the right contract and pay, I would make a short time of it (under one year). Long term (over one year), no way! IMO.

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I have worked in China on a couple of medium term contracts (8-10 months) in Xaimen and Tianjin as well as a couple of Biz trips to Xian.


Of offered another contract there I would consider it depending on location and renumeration package.


I know a few expats who are married to Chinese women and have home base in China, in fact a few BM's have met "Wild Bill" at a friday meet about a couple of years ago.

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Thanks worldfun, but I actually loathe large crowds of people and someone already pointed out that I might encounter said crowds on a daily basis :)


The crowds in BKK merely annoy me (accept for MBK, where I want to punch someone), but the crowds in Jakarta were quite claustrophobic, particularly in the shopping centres. Oddly enough, when I went to southern China I found Hong Kong to be more crowded than Shenzhen or Nanning, but I didnt really spend a long time in Shenzhen and I'm sure its worse now.


Shanghai would be a great place to visit, but I'm sure I would want to catch a plane somewhere else within a few days. I posted the job ad to gauge reaction more than anything, and the feedback has been awesome - thanks.



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When I have moved around he world, I have taken the country I was moving to as my home without any thought of leaving. I could not do that for China, outside of HK and I'm not even sure about HK these days. So any foray into China for me would already have the light at the end of the tunnel.


I cannot say what package I would need but I would not take the family I don't think. Therefore I would be flying back and forth monthly or every 6 weeks at least. 2 weeks off out of 2 months would be a minimum. Paid flights are not that important these days as salaries are so much higher.


Tax would be important, FX protection would be a pre requisite. I guess I could do a year or two with bonuses in place and I would think about it as buying a new house or paying off a huge mortgage or securing a significantly better pension. Something like that.

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