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Are there any "over time" laws in LOS?

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I think the number is over 48 hours, labour laws in Thailand are pretty good, and pretty ignored at times.


However things like getting sacked, once they work for a few years, the payout figure rises considerably.


All workers should be covered by mandatory health - I was, which means free hospital, usually a place you nominate near you. It can even be a private hospital - I was using Palo.


Phaytai 2 had a quote but was full.

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As NG said, the laws are quite good & fair, but they are broken all the time because of a) ignorance on the employee's part, and B) the patronage system established in LoS where folks are afraid to rock the boat and upset the patron (employer in this case). Of course, the employers take advantage of this.


[color:blue]Working Hours


Normally an employee can be required to work a maximum of eight hours per day and a maximum of 48 hours per week. If the work might be considered hazardous, the maximums are seven hours per day and 42 hours per week. An employee working at least five hours in a day must be given a rest period of at least one hour. An employee must be given at least one day off each week.





An employee normally cannot be required to work overtime. Rather, the employer must receive the employee's prior consent. The employee's consent is not required if the nature of the work requires continuous performance to prevent damage to the employer or when the work is urgent.


An employee who works overtime is entitled to overtime pay at one and one-half his normal rate. Certain types of employees are considered "exempt" and not entitled to overtime pay. These include employees who have authority to act on behalf of the employer with regard to terms of employment, hiring, firing or fixing rates of pay; employees performing work of a nature that requires performance away from the work place and for which definite work hours cannot be fixed; and other specified types of employees.


It is important to note that the Thai Labor Law does not appear to exempt certain management, professional and other types of "skilled" or "white-collar" employees who are often thought to be exempt from overtime pay. The focus of the overtime exemption is on management employees who have supervisory authority. An employer in Thailand should take special care in assuring that it complies with the overtime requirements for all of its employees. [/color]


More at the link.

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Depending on Contractual hours, if working more hours than stipulated in the Contract then overtime pay is due at 1.5 times hourly rate. Certain positions are exempt from overtime pay, like most things in Thailand its all a bit fuzzy.


Here is a brief synopsis of Thai Labour Law, I suggest the person who is in dispute refers to full Thai Version

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Mekong, given that Australian employers ignore the laws regarding overtime, I have little doubt that Thais are being gouged on a regular basis. It all comes down to supply and demand, and the factories still have to compete with China.


I have worked in Thailand under Thai Labour Laws and have been paid at 1.5 Times hourly rate for hours over and above contract, and I have also emploted contract staff where the same conditions apply.


Considering you have never worked here your opinions are a total bunch of Shite, much like most of your other myopic comments, I have said it before and I will say it again "You Don't Get to Know Thailand form a Barstool in Soi 4"


It does not matter whether you change your boardname or not, you will be easy to recognise by the bullshit you post.

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I've employed about 12 Thais at least, most knew the laws, and if they didn't they quickly learnt them, I was happy to pay what was due as well.


Dyslexic Doggy, I know that you have and you have also ensured that the terms and conditions of your employees were in accordance with Thai Labour Law.


What pisses me off is asshole opinionated Soi 4 Barstool Lawyers like Gobble-da-ladyboy, who have never had one nanoseconds experience of Thai Labour Market passing down opinions.

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