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1 hour ago, Coss said:

The US justice chief said Monday he did not expect to investigate either former president Barack Obama or vice president Joe Biden over the 2016 Russia election meddling case, despite President Donald Trump's call for a probe.

Attorney General Bill Barr said the original investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election was a "grave injustice" to the president and based on "utterly baseless" suspicions.

But he said he aimed to stop a cycle of using the US justice system for what he called political investigations, including of Democrat Obama and Biden, who is Trump's rival in the upcoming presidential vote.

Whatever the involvement of Obama or Biden in the Russia collusion probe, Barr said, "based on the information I have today, I don't expect (it) will lead to a criminal investigation of either man." ..............



I suppose you could call that, backing off, now that your sponsor is demonstrating fruit loopiness.

Because its all bullshit. Trump would actually be ballsy (and stupid enough) to want that. But the Republicans know that everyone is dirty and if they go after a sacred cow, it leaves everyone open. Its the MAD theory in effect. Mutually assured destruction. And there is plenty of dirty laundry the GOP has. This is two things. First, to rile up the base, distract them. Give them something to back the GOP on, someone to hate. Second its Trump changing the narrative from the present situation which isn't good. 

The Republicans control the White House, Senate and Supreme Court. They have all the power to do whatever they want to, to Obama. If nothing happens it means one of two things. First, it was all bullshit and deflection, which it is and second, (this is the excuse of the minions), its the deep state. If the deep state is that good, where it neutralizes a person and a party that has control over the White House, Senate and Supreme Court, then the Republican party are toothless. I'll go with the deep state since they have that kind of power. Why vote for a Republican who says he'll dismantle the 'deep state' when this is proof they are shooting more blanks than Pattaya punter after a soapy. 

That's the state of America today. The Democrats are spineless cowards, who will bully their own in primaries (like Sanders and anyone too progressive). but are scared to engage the Republicans because they know the Republicans have no line they will cross and the Republicans have no ethics and morals. None, whatsoever. Biden, as much as much of  a doting codger as he is, is slightly better but also shows you how bought off the Democrats are. Not to mention how Bloomberg bought his way in as well. 

These are also the reasons why America is done as a force it once was. When you have a people electing someone like this, its a sign. Obama is the last gasp for  some semblance of maturity. I had issues with him but at least he was an urbane, level headed leader. Bush before him wasn't the brightest bulb but he had standards. There was a certain respect for the office even the worse Presidents had like Nixon as bad as he was. 

But there is a segment of America who live in their own 'Merica bubble who have never stepped on foreign soil, seen much outside their county or state who follow the pied piper over that ledge waving a flag. 

With both parties competing to see how much monopoly money it can print to stave off the masses, bailout their donors before it all comes crashing down, its a matter of when not if. The Chinese have their own issues as well but at least they have a plan. America doesn't. It's plan is to act in the moment of every crisis with almost total disregard for the intermediate or long term effects. Law of unforseen consequences in effect. 

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following democratically elected President Donald´s latest move which is swallowing hydro..something I cam across a piece on youtube as follows:

" Here in Brazil, the left, including governors and the supreme court, are angrily against hydroxychloroquine, even hiding the drug. That's because they want to overthrow the government of Jair Bolsonaro, which has already released its use through the Ministry of Health. Many patients are dying from dirty political issues sponsored by communist scoundrels."

Sounds like Cavanami´s brother. What really worries me is how on earth it is possible so many people do really believe all this crap. A seriously looking man has been interviewed this weekend on TV demonstrating against Corona-lockdowns, the government, Bill Gates an so forth. He did really and seriously try to explain the public that within short time something called "Q" would conquer the world and Gates puts microchips into a vaccine and everybody must take it. In comparison a person after consuming 40 bottles of Singha sounds totally reasonable I would say. This is all very frightening. Dr Corsi for President.

Additional remark: I do of course not believe that he really takes that drug, he is not that stupid. One has always to consider even when he farts it is another lie coming out of Trump.

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1 hour ago, buffalo_bill said:

democratically elected President Donald´s latest move which is swallowing hydro..something

snake oil salesman - epitome


Made from the oil of the blue variegated Chinese water snake, which is rich in the omega-3 acids and chlorines that help reduce inflammation, snake oil in its original form is effective, when used to treat arthritis and bursitis, it especially promotes virus immunity and suppresses any truth telling tendencies.

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I wouldn't call how Trump was elected democracy. Its not a democracy when the majority of the people voted against you win. That's not a democracy. The electoral college isn't the stuff of democracies or republics. The history of it was meant for the elite to be able to change an election if it thought the people were not just wrong, but dangerously so. What we have is it working in reverse. 

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Of course this will either be ignored or deflected by parties known or unknown...



White House portrait unveiling may be the latest casualty of the political divide

Yet this modern ritual won't be taking place between Obama and President Donald Trump, according to people familiar with the matter. And if Trump wins a second term in November, it could be 2025 before Obama returns to the White House to see his portrait displayed among every U.S. president from George Washington to Bush.

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The Florida official that ran the department that handled the coronavirus statistics was fired last week, allegedly because she refused to “adjust” the statistics to show that Florida’s reopening of the Florida economy was within Federal guidelines.  I wonder how many other fed states have cooked their coronavirus numbers to allow their states to open up their economy?  It doesn’t set up an optimistic picture when the second wave hits.

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The character of your government is exposed in a crisis. Pear Harbor, everyone came together both parties. Same with the Cuban missile crisis and  911. This has been a clusterfuck.  The present administration and their minions will  say 'the Dems want us to  fail  and have been fighting us from day one'. It falls on deaf ears when the leader is nothing but antagonistic, no attempt to work with anyone. No compromise, finger pointing, accusations. I am not being biased about this. Its plain to neutrals as well. There was an opportunity here to put things behind us, at least for the interim of the crisis. If you look at history, the current president met publicly or privately with the opposition. Either included them in the process, sought their input, even symbolically, but at least made the attempt. Some asked for a 'truce' for the sake of the crisis, they kept the opposition up to date, etc. 

The only reason why the Dems even know what's going on is because they chair committees that by law has to be updated on certain things. Anyone site me where Trump  has made any attempt? Offered a truce or olive branch? 


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