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if tRump was saying there was widespread voter fraud knowing it wasn't true, that would be bad enough. But the scary part is he believes the bullshit. He listens to Alex Jones. Alex fucking Jones. 

This is the scariest, most  bat shit crazy shit since Nancy Reagan was running the country while Reagan was incoherent and she having some fake (as if there are real ones) fortune teller with tarot cards. 

He believes this stuff. Insane. The lapse in logic and reason would be a therapists dream. You are the president. You have access to information no one on the planet does. You have your own hand picked person in charge of these areas. You control the Senate and the Supreme Court.  The majority of state governors are in your party. But there is a grand plot to steal the election? I don't even want to entertain anyone who believes this shit.  Its a waste of time. Its the definition of insanity. 


FBI Director Sees No Evidence of National Mail Voting Fraud Effort

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This is the kind of shit that if you sat next to someone on a plane and they started saying this stuff you smile, nod, say uh hmm...interesting....okay....while quietly praying to your deity of choice that he doesn't see you think he is batshit crazy.  Your only concern is to leave the conversation and situation safe. That's it. It's a tight line. Agreeing will invite more, disagreeing may put you in physical danger. I've been there. Many of us have been there. 

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CS you are sounding (reading?) more alarmed these days, as you have every right to be, the phrase "only in America", has never been more apt, than it is today.

Watch McConnell.


4 hours ago, paul101 said:

Yahoo again, hysterical nonsense, so called white supremacists are not the ones burning, looting, shooting cops and causing anarchy are they

paul101, to paraphrase and refute, your tissue thin logic:

There is a road, along which some dog breeders live, they are mainly those, that breed pedigree Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Great Danes and Irish Wolf Hounds,  beautiful animals, well trained and show dogs all of them, none of them anything, but friendly animals.

A man with hair the colour of hooker urine, wanders the road each day, with a small air gun, which he uses to annoy and wound the dogs.

After some weeks, the dogs are in a howling, slavering, place, red flecks clouding their vision, all are adrenaline hyped, in searing pain and most of them break their tethers, loose their chains and roam the streets, biting and savaging at random.

Oh and the Hillbillies, that breed Pit-bulls, further down the street, also let their dogs go, exhorting them to join in the carnage.

Only in America...


* a note for clarification, I am not comparing any particular  group of humans, in 'merica to dogs, I am painting an illustration of behaviour, in some hope, of successful satiric wit.

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told a judge that that USPS can‚Äôt reassemble the hundreds of high speed mail-sorting machines that were taken apart this year because they‚Äôve already been stripped for parts.¬†DeJoy also asked that a nationwide injunction issued last week should be amended to acknowledge that the machines can‚Äôt be put back together because they were dismantled and are being used to repair other machines. ‚ÄúIt is therefore not possible to return such machines to service,‚ÄĚ DeJoy and the USPS said in a court filing. U.S. District Judge Stanley A. Bastian has yet to rule on DeJoy‚Äôs request to amend the injunction. (Bloomberg)

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Coss, I'm way past alarm. I realize this is America. I am melancholy actually. I've pretty much known for a while. We won't be back. You can't have a nation last with that number of people openly condoning lawlessness in a leader. 

Republican politicians are running for office on supporting Trump with full implication that his advocacy of fascist rule. There is a candidate in Alabama. Former football coach of my alma mater, Tommy Tuberville, who is the Republican senate candidate and leading and says he will do whatever Trump says. That's his platform. No plans, no this is what my platform is. It was purely I'm Trump's cuck and if he says the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese then that's how it is. 

150 years ago, 25 percent of Americans said enslaving others is their right. For about 20 years there were all kinds of appeasements, compromises, etc but you can't progress as an enlightened nation when 25 percent of the population believes inhumanity and the Civil War was its culmination. The same for a similar percentage a hundred years later who have state sanctioned repression and segregation. The peaceful movement was moving into open rebellion territory (rise of the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam) and foreign allies (especially the UK) were making quiet threats behind the scenes. This time it was much more peaceful in comparison and laws were changed. (even though some question the enforcement to this day). 

One may make a similar argument for the women's suffrage movement as well. 

The 17 year old domestic terrorist who traveled from his home state of Illinois to Wisconsin and shot 2 people is being openly defended in conservative media and notice the eerie silence of any Republican lawmaker to condemn it. 

I'll be accused of being hyperbolic but you can't have 40 percent of the nation support a person who flouts the law, asks his administration to do things he knows is illegal, unethical or unconstitutional and survive as a nation. You can't. You can survive longer if its a kingdom or authoritarian state because the people are already culturally accepted such rule. But not in a modern republic. I have a former coworker who is from the deep south, Confederate flag tattoo on his arm. We worked together in the middle east. He still had my whatsapp contact info from a work group (I certainly wasn't interested in maintaining communication) and he still solicits his opinion, etc. to a group of us. Ironically enough he only dates non white women, with a specific affinity for creole women in his native Louisiana. He volunteers his opinion to a few of us now that he is back. He thinks some day the US will break up into parts. It will be regionally as well as ethnically/racially and ideologically. You can read between the lines. He says this is discussed privately a lot. So, its not just his opinion but what is discussed with militias, etc. 

First, by advocating that you are saying you lack faith in and will not adhere to the Constitution, and with that the concept of America. Someone like that is saying the Constitution has failed and the concept of liberty, freedom, equality is thrown out the window. There are no more rules. Because if you can't agree on rules, then you are by definition advocating the anarchy you claim the opposition wants. Lastly, and I don't respond to these diatribes its going to be impossible for one main reason. Unlike 150 years ago, today we have 1000s of nuclear warheads, enough chemical weapons to kill the world a few times over, stealth planes, etc, the world's biggest array of military weapons. So, my theoretical question that I won't ask is 'Who the fuck gets them?" LOL...will they be shared? Even if we get to that point, no one will agree to have them all destroyed when China, Russia and several other countries have it. And trust me when I say this. There is no way in hell they would allow the other "new countries" to have them. It's a fantasy. Can you imagine the EU, China and Russia's reaction to all this? It's an insane, asinine proposition. 

My guess how this will all end in 10 or 20 years or who knows how long is this. The future is left. If everyone voted the Democrats would win the presidency and both houses of Congress every time. Some years with a super majority to do anything they want, some years with a plurality depending on the economy, etc. Same with most of the state governorships. Gen X, Y and Z are farther left than at almost anytime since the hippie movement of the late 60s. If the Republicans continue to flout things, and the Democratic establishment continues to be spineless, people will elect more and more AOC types. 

Eventually, there will be more mass shootings, etc, and what will be the trigger may be gun control. Not outright ban but enacting some provision to make it extremely difficult to arm yourself. Especially with certain types of weapons and the quantity of weapons. Mass shootings are already normalized in this country. It will become more targeted, secret groups, government buildings and officials targeted. And with that the government will crack down even more. Perhaps a militarized state to some extent. Maybe I'm the one with the crazy views now that I've re-read what I just wrote about the possible future if things don't change. 

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