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I actually think tRump has a decent chance of winning the election. Ohio, Florida could go to him. However, if he loses, its going to a circus probably. And I'll have a bag of popcorn watching CNN to see how it all plays out. A big Biden victory will make it easier. The hard core Trump support will not accept any loss. I recall the 'get over it' with the Hillary folks, they are practicing the same thing in reverse now....haha.

My advice to any American is get your shit in order, get your finances in order, stay low and be prepared for anything.  

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Cory Booker is a great story. Rhodes scholar, highly educated gave up a promising career in either law or business to be mayor of Newark, NJ one of the worst areas in America to grow up. I have been there a few times and its a very, very tough place. 

I thought he was a future President many years ago. Now, I wouldn't vote for him at all. When I looked at the candidates in the Dem primary, no way i'd support him. Why? Among various reasons, he's a pussy. 

This reinforces it when he says 'he'll appeal to the GOP sense of decency'  or some such tripe. Its why the Dems lose. You do not negotiate with terrorists. 


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