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He spent 8 years saying Obama was born in Kenya. Something that the state of Hawaii would have been in on at birth for that to work. He was seen as an oddball then for pushing it with only a few people supporting that. No Republican politician was taking the claim seriously. With roughly half the country supporting him now. And they are fully aware of their numbers. Doesn't matter what the lie is, they believe say it often enough and loud enough it becomes fact. It's a page taken straight out of the Nazi playbook. China has done the same with regards to Covid 19 internally. 

Its now apparent those supporting this bullshit have zero love for the country, truth, morals, etc. and the big mistake Biden is making is thinking you can make amends with people like that. You can't. People like that negotiate only from a position of weakness. Other than that its oppressing you at every turn. 

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On 11/22/2020 at 5:19 PM, zzzz said:

I didn’t vote for Trump in the last two elections. But, if you take away all the rhetoric and just concentrate on concrete benefits you were provide by the Federal Government during the past four years, Trump starts looking better.  I'm better off financially since Trump became president, for example.  Maybe history will be kinder to Trump.


Trump Wants $2,000 Stimulus Checks; Threatens to Sink Stimulus Bill

Trump wants to increase the $600 Stimulus Checks to $2,000 --  an example of why Trump looks better if you take away all the rhetoric and just concentrate on concrete benefits you were provide by the Federal Government during the past four years.  I can definitely use the additional money. 

[but it's not real, just a rhetorical con move by Trump, you say? 55555]

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Well I hope you get the money, quite seriously, for any politician's flaws, to actually follow through on a promise, would be remarkable.

And  I don't want to go down the rabbit hole, of the pardons that Trump is issuing,


so many and too many raised eyebrows, for some of them.

But one:

The Trump administration is considering granting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman legal immunity from a federal lawsuit alleging that he ordered an assassination squad to kill a former top Saudi intelligence official who shared information with the US


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well :: he's vetoed the bill,  but it looks like there'll be a ruined Xmas for the rest of them, when they return to over-ride him.

"this month, Trump doubled down on his threats to veto the bill if it didn't include a last-minute provision to end legal protections for social media companies. But a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including key Republican leaders, proceeded with the legislation even though it didn't have the repeal Trump demanded."


please someone explain to me, if Trump gets his way and the Social Media Companies no longer have legal protections, for the dross and lies etc they publish, surely people could sue or otherwise spank, the Social Media Companies, for publishing lies which are the very things, Trump relies on... ?

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