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22 minutes ago, Coss said:

I suppose the question is, will Donald change his name to  'Palm Beach International' ?


After thinking I came to a constructive conclusion how to call Palm Beach International in future  : Donald ( Duck ) International Airport would suit the current President of the United States as well as supporting local business interests. Taking into consideration that the original Donald Duck might feel insulted, which I do fully understand.

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https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/trump-continues-to-block-pandemic-relief-package-as-millions-lose-benefits/ar-BB1cf9fB?oci_d=mailsignout &ocid=BingNews

Trump continues to block pandemic relief package as millions lose benefits

As unemployment benefits expired for millions of Americans on Saturday, Donald Trump, who spent Christmas playing golf in Florida, continued to block a $900bn pandemic relief bill that would extend them.


Larry Sabato, director of the Centre for Politics at the University of Virginia, said Trump’s motivation for increasing the payments to $2,000 is “so he looks good”.

“And maybe he sees this as the crowning achievement as he leaves office, where he is defeating Congress and his own party,” he added. “He’s probably more resentful toward members of his own party than he is the Democrats … He’s a hurt creature and he’s going to make all the other creatures hurt.”

With the support of senator Lindsey Graham, he said Republicans could yet be swayed to vote for a bill including $2,000 payments, at which point Trump will “claim a great victory”.

He added: “I think he actually now believes his own lies about the election. It was stolen because he has said it so many times.”

But with the eviction moratorium due to expire on 31 December he said any deal will have to be done this week.

“Hundreds of thousands of people who could lose the roof over their head if they don’t get this eviction prohibition. There are just so many pieces to this that are damaging. But of course, Trump will blame it all on Congress and his followers will then attack Congress, not realising it all comes down to Donald Trump.”


Really is,  12 yr old girl in the school yard, stuff




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Donald Trump releases video showing him with a Nobel Peace Prize, despite never winning one



A pseudo campaign video released by Donald Trump shows the outgoing US president with an image of a Nobel Peace Prize – even though he has never won the award.

The video, which has received 5.1 million views on Twitter, features military personnel, adoring crowds from his rallies, and clips from executive orders and announcements Trump has made during his time in the White House.

The Nobel Peace Prize appears in front of footage showing the signing of the ‘Abraham Accords’, which aims to normalise relations between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Elsewhere in the video signs for “Latinos For Trump”, Women For Trump”, and “Blacks For Trump" are shown, as well as the three US Supreme Court judges confirmed during Trump's time in office.

There is no dialogue in the one-minute compilation but words placed in front of an American flag graphic say that Trump stands for: “our flag”, “American jobs”, “freedom”, “law and order", "American Justice", “our military might”, and “peace”.

The video ends with the statement that despite leaving office on January 20, Trump is "what's for America”.

Trump has had an ongoing fixation on the Nobel Peace Prize, and has incorrectly implied he won the award on multiple occasions.

However, he may have been nominated. Far-right Norwegian and Swedish MPs say they put his name forward, and the Japanese government was also reportedly asked last year by the Trump administration to nominate the US president.

During his 2020 election campaign rallies Trump referred to the Nobel frequently, and at a New Hampshire event, he even said that he had won the prize twice. On this occasion, Trump clarified his remarks shortly afterwards, saying he meant he had been nominated for rather than won the awards.

Snopes reports that the Trump election campaign ran 48 Facebook and Instagram advertisements between September 10-14 touting the nomination. Half of the ads misspelled ‘Nobel’ as “Noble Peace Prize”.

The Nobel Foundation says 318 people were nominated for the award in 2020. The UN Food programme was awarded the $1.7 million prize.

The names of Nobel nominees are revealed after 50 years. Previous nominees included dictators Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Rafael Trjillo, Benito Mussolini, and Josip Broz (better known as Tito). Other more recent off-kilter past nominees include pop singer Michael Jackson and the sport of football.

Olav Njolstad, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, told AFP in 2019:“It’s pretty easy to be nominated. It’s much harder to win.”




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